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50 Questions to Free your mind

So, yesterday on my long train journey back from Edinburgh, I was browsing through blog posts to keep myself occupied. This has just reminded me I need to put music on my new phone before I travel again…

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Escaping for the day

Well yesterday’s exam was shit. And I apologise because normally I try my best to avoid swearing on this blog but there is simply no other way to describe how that paper went. Needless to say, this post has been scheduled and I’ll be cramming daily for paper 2 of the exam. However, as I was sobbing into my pillow, my friend (who has asked to be known on here as Pablo) messaged and asked did I want to meet him in Edinburgh for a different kind of day just to escape the monotony of revision etc. After a few minutes deliberating, I decided to stuff it and be spontaneous. Within 20 minutes I was on a megabus to Edinburgh and I was excited.

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