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End of the month

Wow is it really? Seems like only yesterday I wrote Trying Again and set out the goals for this month. Remember to call by tomorrow to see what I achieved and for September’s Goals!

Last night was the first ever Girl Power chat and Lauren absolutely killed it! Honestly, we couldn’t be more proud of her right now, and thank you to everyone who participated! Chats wouldn’t work if it weren’t for you all so thank you.


As many of you know, this month didn’t get off to the best start for me. Tomorrow I learn whether or not I passed my resits, and whether or not I may be offered to repeat the year. Not sure whether I would accept the offer or not if it came but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.  However, in the space of a week, I have made some incredible friends and had some of the most bizzare chats with them! It’s crazy how much can happen in a month.


So, while I know this was a very short post and not much was actually said, I just wanted to take the time to thank you all for following or reading or talking to me. Remember that as well as my usual monthly post tomorrow, it’s the start of my blogging challenge! So look out for both of them!


Ktkinnes xxx

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What To Take To Uni – Part 3

The Food Edit

So this isn’t really a list of things to take with you, more things you should get when you arrive.

Everyone knows, student loans don’t last long when rent and bills are taken out of them! So it becomes important to have some basics in your cupboard and fridge, just so you can make everything taste a little better when money gets tight. Here’s my list of what you should get at the start of the year and try to keep topped up throughout!

  1. Pasta
  2. Rice
  3. Salt
  4. Pepper
  5. Chilli powder
  6. Cumin
  7. Mixed herbs
  8. Tomato purée
  9. Garlic
  10. Olive oil
  11. Tabasco sauce
  12. Stock cubes – vegetable, chicken and beef!
  13. Butter
  14. Lentils
  15. Teabags
  16. Coffee
  17. A tin of soup
  18. Chopped tomatoes or passatta

There you have it! Have I missed any of your essentials? Let me know below!!
Ktkinnes xx

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A little unscheduled post…

Well as the title might suggest, I have an unplanned post for this early morning.
As I’m sure you’ve seen, I’m part of a wonderful community of girls over at Girl Power Blog where I’ve met some of the best people I’ve ever known. We’ve become so close in the last week alone that I honestly am surprised I haven’t known them longer! 
Through meeting these amazing girls, I realised just how great the blogging community can be. I mean, I knew there were some lovely people out there (1weekmary for example – hi there!) but these girls became a part of my life in a way that’s hard to explain. There’s always someone to talk to and you never feel alone because of it. They’re all so supportive and we have each other’s backs. 
We had been talking about Christmas the other night, and I had a sudden brain wave – why not have a Christmas Card swap? The idea would be to contact other people involved (as many or as few as you wanted) and to send them your address in exchange for theirs. Then you would send a Christmas card and hopefully receive some yourself!
I’ve already got quite a few people interested in taking part, so if you would like to join in, either tweet me (@kvburton657), email me ( with the subject line “Christmas card swap”, or comment below and we can get in touch!!
Hopefully you’ll want to be involved!
Ktkinnes xx

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Planners and Me

Hello lovelies! Firstly, well done for waking up on a Monday morning! We all know how difficult that can be. How was your weekend?

Well did you realise it’s officially two weeks since I started using a blogging planner? When I say a blogging planner, it’s actually a Palgrave student planner but I’m loving using it for my blog! The real question is, has it worked? 

I started out using a normal notebook to jot down all my post ideas. I then wrote down what I wanted to post and when, as well as noting any important events over the next few weeks. I even listed all the Twitter chats in the front of the diary! Although I suppose that needs updated now with Girl Power…. 

Each month, there’s a “notes” page for the month and a to do list. In the To Do section, I’m going to write my month’s goals both for blogging and for day to day life. Depending on what I’m doing each month, I’m going to make the notes page really bring and relevant to the upcoming month. I won’t post a picture, if you don’t mind, but it will be included in my post on 1st September! So keep an eye out for that.
There are a lot of pages that I probably won’t use, since it was made as a student planner. But sometimes they might be useful!
Do you have a planner or journal you use for blogging? How do you plan ahead? Or do you just go with the flow? Let me know in the comments below!!
Ktkinnes xx

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Hello again! It really doesn’t seem all that long since I last wrote a weekly wind up. Believe it or not, it actually takes a great deal of thought to go back through the week and remember what happened! But my brain could use the exercise, especially since it’s summer. However, if someone could inform the weather that it’s summer I would be a lot happier!

Sunday was my first ever car boot sale. We’re still overrun with odds and ends from Tom’s house and so over the last year Mum, Dad and Rachel have been doing the odd car boot sale to get rid of some things. To be there early enough for a good spot, we apparently had to leave the house at 6:30am – not my idea of a Sunday morning! However, when we got there, we set up and it was good fun despite the wind and rain. Of course, it would’ve been a heck of a lot better if Dad had actually packed tea bags instead of just flasks of hot water! We made a profit of about £100 and so were happy to call it a day around 2pm, forgetting of course that we still had to pack up. Eventually we got home and unloaded the stuff from the car before collapsing in front of the TV for the rest of the evening.

Monday was slightly less hectic, with Dad and me doing the Tesco shop for Mum, and then really not doing much until taking Baron for a walk on Monday night.

Tuesday saw Rachel taking me into town to try and persuade me to buy new clothes – it certainly was interesting! I’m not really a fan of shopping unless there’s something I’m in the mood for. We then ended up walking home in the rain. I wasn’t impressed. But we made it, and started in to tidying things around the house for Mum.

Again, Wednesday was a quiet enough day. We went into town to do a few things and pick up some stuff for Rachel, had lunch at Granny’s apartment, and then headed home to enjoy the sun. Actually, it started quiet and then developed into a pretty big day! I had been added to a private chat on Twitter and was beginning to really feel comfortable with everyone there to the point we’ve started a little community and on Wednesday night after Great British Bake Off, we planned a meet up in London in December! I’m so excited to finally meet some of my favourite people from online – mainly so my mum stops thinking I make all this up about talking to people from all over the place!

Thursday started hectic with a lot of people on our chat trying to figure out what they’d missed the night before. You can be gone 10 minutes and come back to 200 or more messages if that gives you a clue… Dad and I did some shopping, then mum came home early from work so we sunbathed in the garden before finishing the night with a BBQ. I also got some really exciting news that one of my all time favourite people is coming back from California to visit us in Glasgow early next year!!! I cannot wait to see her again, it’s been far too long!!
Friday arrived and we spent the morning doing housework before meeting Mum for lunch in Marks and Spencer’s. She and I had the chicken and bacon sandwich and it was so filling! Just a shame it was quite dry, so we asked for a little sauce pot of mayonnaise it made all the difference! Afterwards, we went shopping and managed to buy Rachel’s birthday present from Mum and Dad, and I managed to pick up a new outfit for wearing on the day of my birthday! Would you like to see it? We finished the day with a drink in a local pub, and then home to organise more birthday stuff. 
Saturday flew by to be honest. I made a carrot and lentil soup in the morning, then in the afternoon we went for a lovely walk in Holywood, Belfast, as a family with Granny included. We went to the rugby club for a drink afterwards (I swear we don’t spend all our time drinking) where we saw an old family friend who is unlikely to be alive this time next year. I don’t actually know what’s wrong with him but he’s been getting progressively worse over the last 6 months and just looking at him today we knew immediately he probably doesn’t have long left. The worst part is I’ll probably be in Scotland when he passed and won’t be able to come over for the funeral… 

We came home, had dinner, and I curled up to watch X Factor. Did you see it? The girl at the Edinburgh auditions was fantastic!

What did you get up to this week? Will I be seeing you at the @GRLPOWRCHAT on Tuesday at 9pm? Please please please come support us! Lauren is our first host so it would be great if you could come support her!

Ktkinnes xx

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My pre-21 bucket list

Okay so I’m slightly panicked now as 2 weeks today is my 21st birthday and I just don’t feel old enough to be 21. Don’t get me wrong, 21 isn’t old. But it feels it to me. It’s the oldest I’ve ever been! Obviously, Katie, it’s a celebration of surviving your 21st year on this planet…

With only 2 weeks to go, I thought I’d have a sit down and decide what things I want to have achieved by my 21st birthday. Now, remembering I only have 2 weeks to do this, I set to work on creating this list:

  • Read a classic. Any classic whatsoever. 
  • Get rid of all unnecessary/unwanted clothes.
  • Finish Rachel’s birthday present.
  • Light the candles in my bedroom at least once.
  • Apply for at least 20 jobs in Glasgow.
  • Catch up with Pretty Little Liars.
  • Sort my makeup etc and have a clear out.

What do you think, can I achieve all this? 
Ktkinnes xx

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What to take to university? Part 2

The Clothing Edit


Now, I can never pack light for going to university. Every time I travel between Lisburn and Glasgow, I have to book myself as a foot passenger on the boat and bus just so that I can pack as much into my case and hand luggage as is physically possible. So, as many people start the journey to uni once again in the upcoming weeks, I thought I would share with you my top 10 wardrobe items that I can’t survive without.


  1. Jeans. I live in my jeans. They can be dressed up with a pair of heels and a nice top for a night out, or they can be dressed down with an oversized jumper for those lazy days in the flat.
  2. A rain coat. If you’re at university in the UK, then you know as well as I do that the weather can change at the drop of a hat. I always have my pack-a-mac in my bag just to be safe!
  3. A hoodie or fleece. It can get very cold during the winter when you can’t afford heating. As many layers as possible is a must so why not pick your favourite hoodie that can easily be thrown on over pjs or actual clothes?
  4. Leggings. Like jeans, these can be worn for almost any type of day you may encounter! I like wearing them instead of my jeans around the flat every now and again, just as something different. Or, you can wear them with heels and a sparkly top for a night out! Mine tend to be worn the most for exercise – they were perfect for Irish dancing!
  5. Fluffy pjs – again, it can get so cold that these will be fab. The night I walked home alone in February, slipping into my cosy fluffy pjs was the best feeling ever.
  6. Trainers or other comfy shoes. If you’re going to be walking a lot, these are an essential.
  7. A nice dress/shirt – depending on your preference! I have one dress that I love to wear, even if it is a bit washed out now! It’s been worn to Wine Tasting society meetings, club nights, formal dinners, I can’t get enough of it!
  8. High heels – I can’t walk in my heels, but I always have one pair to go with anything. They’re useful even just for an interview or something like that!
  9. Sweatpants. Trust me when I say you will want something to just slip into on a wet Sunday afternoon. You don’t ever have to leave the house in them, but they’re great to have handy.
  10. An interview outfit. Unless you’ve got money put away, or your parents are helping you through uni, you will most likely need to get a part time job to subsidise your student loan. If you have an interview outfit already sorted in your mind, this will take some of the stress out of your morning!


So there you have it! My top 10. What would you add or take off the list?


Ktkinnes  xx