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Paris Part 2

Hello again! So if you haven’t already seen it, Day 1 of our flat trip to Paris went up a few hours ago and can be found here! I’d definitely recommend reading it before reading this post, even just to have everything make sense. Anyway, on with part 2!



My alarm went off at 8:15 and it was hard to conceal my excitement – today was the day I was finally getting to Disneyland! It’s probably wrong of me to still be bitter about it but when I was 7 years old, my parents promised to take us to Disneyland when I was 10, three years to wait and save up my pocket money (£1 a week seemed so much money back then!). I turned 10 and the year came but we didn’t go to Disneyland. So here we are, nearly 11 years later – I’ve finally been! But yes, this is me getting sidetracked. Back to the actual information.

Breakfast in the hotel was decent, nothing compared to Ibiza but to be honest I don’t think anywhere will compare anymore. Everything was mini – mini toast, mini sausages, mini bacon, mini pain au chocolat, I think you get my point. We ate as much as we physically could before gathering our bags and tickets, and waiting for the bus into the magical promised land.

There are so many pictures I haven’t included but I didn’t want to bore you all.

The first thing we tried was the haunted house, it actually wasn’t too bad! When we got inside, we were directed into a room and made to stand as close to the centre as possible while the voice over (in French) told us the story of the mansion. Thankfully I didn’t understand a word of it otherwise I would’ve been more freaked out than I was. Next, we went on the Indiana Jones roller coaster. I kept my eyes shut the whole time as heights really are not my thing, but it was exciting and I actually really enjoyed it! Next was the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, a nice calm water ride that was very pleasant. I can’t actually remember what we did next but there wasn’t a minute of boredom! For lunch, we went back to Frontier land, as Nuala had spotted somewhere that was more likely to have gluten free food that wasn’t just a salad. She was presented with 5 menus and the rest of us picked just whatever from the main menu. It was so good and actually quite cheap! Everyone had said to expect it to be expensive but less than 10 euros for lunch was pretty acceptable when we saw the portion sizes. After lunch, we did a bit of browsing through the shops to let our food go down before going back on the rides. After the others had a few more turns on whatever the Space based roller coaster is called, while I sunbathed, we started to walk back towards the Indiana Jones ride, hoping to go on it again. On our way though, there were a lot of people standing watching something – the Magic Parade! I honestly felt my heart swell as I stood and watched all my favourite Disney characters come past, singing and dancing and being just generally wonderful. You can watch my snapchat story of it here hopefully. If it doesn’t work, you may have to send me a quick friend request!

Afterwards, I was so happy I could’ve burst. Emotion overload! Another few rides before we started shopping and my bank account took a bit of a hit but it was definitely worth it. We headed back to the hotel and just ate in the bar. Mary and I took a walk after dinner before bed and we all fell asleep so quickly!



We headed back to the park, this time planning on seeing the Walt Disney Studios. I was less excited on Thursday, and I’m not really sue why. It was a great park! There were fewer rides but I think this park is slightly more aimed towards adults. We went on the Tower of Terror and I swear I will never go anywhere near that thing again. The number of sobbing people getting off the ride should’ve been enough of a warning!

As you can see, I didn’t take as many pictures on Thursday. The only downside was the park closed at 6pm and so we got back to the hotel earlier than the day before. We got organised for dinner and went back to the bar. That night though, we didn’t go straight to bed. Mary, Jason and I put our shoes back on, regardless of how sore our feet were, and went back to the park for the show of Disney Dreams. I didn’t video it or take any pictures of the actual show as I just wanted to live in the moment instead of trying to capture it. I don’t think my phone would’ve done it justice anyway. If you really want to see it, search on youtube for Disney Dreams May 2016. They change it every now and again. By the end of the show, I was beyond words and ready to cry tears of happiness. Jason actually did a happy dance and was more excited than I was!

Friday was just spent travelling and sleeping, my feet were aching! To be honest, I think they’re only really recovering today.


I hope you enjoyed my recollection of the brief holiday. Have you been to Disneyland Paris? What did you think of it?


I’m considering scrapping the plans for Rachel’s birthday present and booking us a weekend in Disneyland so she can experience the magic. What do you think?


But for now, I had better go shower and start packing for going home! 48 hours until I board a bus to leave Glasgow for at least 2 months. I’m going to miss the peacefulness of the flat…


Ktkinnes xx

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Travel in the land of Bread, Wine and Cheese

Bonjour mes amis! Firstly, if there’s anyone French or from a French speaking country – I would like to apologise if that first sentence is spelt wrong in any way. I keep just making up phrases in my head without knowing if they’re grammatically correct.

Here’s the long promised update on our trip to Paris, more specifically Disneyland Paris! I’m still coming down from the high from being there.


Tuesday morning had us all awake early and ready to leave the flat by 9am. Our taxi driver was great, full of life and willing to have a conversation with us. Don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much at a conversation! When we got to the airport, Jason and Nuala were ready for their second breakfasts of the day and so we sat in Frankie and Benny’s until our gate was announced.

I promise Nuala was happy and excited…

While we ate and had a laugh at Jason’s money belt that he had bought en route to the airport, our gate was announced but we were going to be delayed. Not my idea of fun but it seems I can’t fly anywhere without there being some sort of delay! Eventually we got to board the plane and we were off!

Almost an hour and a half later than expected, we got to the hotel and stood in awe for a second before we walked in. Called the Vienna House Dream Castle, it certainly was a dream castle!

Doesn’t it look so pretty?

And that was only from the outside. We went and got checked in before snapping a few pictures of the reception area. Mary got some better photos and hasn’t sent us them yet otherwise I would share them but for now, here’s Jason and Nuala having a bit of fun.

King Nuala, looking pensive, and Queen Jason, being dramatic as ever.


We got some directions from two members of staff as to how to get in towards the city centre and the tourist destinations, forgetting just how big Paris is and expecting to be able to get around the main things you think of when someone says they’re going to Paris. In the end, we settled for heading towards Chatalet-Les Halles so we could see the Notre Dame across the water and maybe have some good food since by now we were all starving – it was 5pm before we knew it! The hotel ran a shuttle bus to Disneyland and the train station beside it and so we jumped aboard with all the lucky people going into the land of dreams. Leaving those fortunate people, we walked into what was possibly the biggest train station I remember ever having been in! Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure hte stations I was in in London are bigger but this one felt massive. Especially with it being my first time abroad without an appropriate adult, this time I was the responsible adult – scary stuff! At this stage, Nuala took charge and managed to lead us to a ticket desk and onto the train, she actually seemed to know where to go!

We made it onto a train!

Jumping onto a train, we were all delighted with ourselves for actually getting this far. The only thing was, travel is very tiring. At this time, I’d like to say that Mary was actually there, I just don’t have any pictures of her until later in the trip. Oh, before I forget, did you know that French trains have 3 floors?? You get on and can either go up stairs or down to get seats, it was so confusing and yet brilliant at the same time. Just think how many more people could fit on our trains if we did this! It didn’t take long for Jason and Nuala to start trying to nap on our journey.

After almost an hour on the train, we arrived at our destination, not really sure of where we were, how we got there or even how to get out of the train station! Following the crowds, we found a M&S Simply Food and then sussed out an exit that took us into a big shopping centre with a cinema and swimming pool. Looking at a map, we now know we arrived in the Nelson Mandela Gardens and set off in the hunt for food and somewhere that would actually be able to feed Nuala – being a coeliac in Paris doesn’t seem like that fun an adventure. However, we did find a bakery that sold gluten free cakes and cookies – look at how happy Nuala was!13256148_10209105763258313_8175723479031669590_n

After a while, we gave up finding somewhere with gluten free meals and settled for somewhere Nuala could have a salad and the rest of us could eat for a reasonable price, and boy did we find it! Three courses for 30 euros? Yes please! We tried our first ever snails, drank good cheap wine, ate a load of cheese and finally were satisfied. 13237703_10209105763818327_2723826117319200322_n

After dinner, we found a bar serving cocktails for 5.50 euros and they were that strong even Jason had difficulty drinking them quickly! Two drinks later, we decided we should start heading back so as not to be completely drunk and lost in a new city. As expected, the journey home was a lot more simple than the journey there. That night, we all got into bed and crashed as quickly as you could imagine.


Wow that was a lot longer than I anticipated, maybe I should stop here and give you all a break… Yes, that’s what I’ll do. Come back later for the news and pictures of Disneyland, Walt Disney Studios and our journey home!



Ktkinnes xxx