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Some of you may be aware that I have just posted what is essentially my cover letter and CV to this blog. This is in an attempt to get a job at home for over the summer. Please feel free to read it and make suggestions on how I could improve it, or of course you are more than welcome to promote it and/or offer work from it!

This may appear to be a desperate attempt…. wait it is… ah well, yes, I am desperate.


If you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to share them!


Ktkinnes xx

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Employer Wanted


Dear Sir/Madam:

Are you looking for an employee with:

  • 7 months of hands on experience in customer service?
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills?
  • A passion to learn and to increase skills?

If so, then you need look no further. You will see from my following resume that I meet all of these qualifications and more. I am returning to Lisburn, Northern Ireland for the summer months and am ready to work as soon as possible.

I would very much like to discuss opportunities with you. To schedule an interview, please email me at

Thank you for taking the time to review my resume. I look forward to talking with you.




Personal Statement

I am a bright, cheerful and trustworthy young woman.  I am currently looking for part-time or full-time summer employment to support me through my forthcoming years at university.  I am a hard-working and reliable person who takes great pride in everything I do.  I have a proven ability to organise and plan workloads, experience of working in a fast paced environment, and consider myself to be self motivated and thrive under pressure.  I believe I am a “can-do” person and am looking for an opportunity to support myself.



Victoria College Belfast, Cranmore Park, BT9 6JA, Northern Ireland (2007 – 2014)

GCSEs sat in 2012 – 2 A*s (Maths and History), 7 As (including Additional Maths, English Language and English Literature) and 2 Bs as well as a Level 2 Certificate in Learning for Life and Work.

A Levels sat in 2014 – A (Maths), B (Chemistry) and C (Physics)



Babysitting September 2012 – August 2014

I looked after children between the ages of 6 months and 14 while their parents were out, taking responsibility for feeding them, aiding with homework, general housework and having fun in the process.

Assistant Leader at Rainbows September 2010 – September 2014

Arranging fun educational activities for girls between the ages of 4 and 8 whilst working with the other leaders to ensure the safety of those in our charge.

Volunteer at World Police and Fire Games July 2013 – August 2013

I helped make sure that all competitors were aware of the rules and regulations whilst helping them enjoy their time in Northern Ireland. I gave high levels of customer service in all aspects of the events whilst learning about different cultures and societies, and making new lifelong friendships.

Sales Assistant at Costcutter May 2014 – September 2014 and June 2015 – September 2015

Basic shop front work as well as experience in the stock room, cashing up the till at the end of each shift, and cleaning the store at the end of the day. Working with customers face to face has developed my social skills and I am confident when dealing with all types of enquiries.

Work experience at Harmony Hill Primary School, Lambeg. 15th – 23rd June 2015

Assisting the teaching staff and other members of the staff in the daily jobs in a classroom. This involved teaching a few students who needed extra support, supervising pupils at both break and lunch, helping organise a diversity day in which another school came to visit and I was asked to supervise those children as well and finally helping organise the end of year leaving ceremony for the children who have now finished primary school.


Key Achievements and Interests

Throughout my school career, I worked hard to become a Senior Librarian while volunteering as part of a team to help run the school’s book club, Page Turners, once a week.  As both a member and leader of the Drama Club, I learnt what it means to be confident in both your own and your colleagues’ abilities.  Regular volunteering and hard work as a Mentor in the tutoring programme led to my being appointed a Prefect  This, in turn, led me to volunteer at my local Rainbows, and church Sunday School and crèche from 2010 to 2015.  In 2011, I took part in and completed my Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award.

For years I invested myself in music, achieving my piano playing grade 2 and grade 4 Theory, whilst attending a stage school (Samsara set up by Samantha Mumba) for a year before it closed down due to lack of funding.  This interest in the arts inspired me to write and have 3 poems published.  Following this, I helped with the school play (Hello Dolly) as a member of the stage crew before becoming part of the technical support team that supported a drama exhibition in the Waterfront Hall, Belfast, as part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival.

In 2013, I volunteered at the World Police and Fire Games in Belfast as an aid to the competitors during their sports, looking after them and their families whilst ensuring each event ran smoothly.



Please contact me independently if you would like any further information about me or would like to gather reference information.


Thank you!

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Can’t sleep won’t sleep

Once again, I find myself blogging during the early hours of the morning. Ah well, it’s not like I’ve got anything to get up for tomorrow!

I was lying here when it dawned on me that it’s been a long time since I opened up to you all about me and so I decided to share a few facts about me that you may or may not know. So buckle up and settle back, because here are a few facts about boring little me!

  1. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a teacher. Some of you may now be wondering why on earth I’m doing a Physics degree if I would rather be in teaching and the simple answer is I messed up. Unknowingly, I dropped first English language and English literature after my GCSEs (exams sat at the age of 15-16). I continued to AS levels with Chemistry, History, Maths and Physics but had to drop History after a year since I failed it due to bad teaching and a lack of interest in the topics on my part. And so I wasn’t doing an essay subject so couldn’t apply for a degree in education straight away. Not long now! 
  2. I have an annoying habit of becoming obsessed with things very quickly. Whether it’s a tv show or a book, I will fall under its spell and take forever to move on. See today’s post on Grey’s Anatomy for example.
  3. My all time favourite animal would be either a turtle or a penguin. This is why it was beyond anything I could imagine when I finally got to see the penguin parade at Edinburgh Zoo! 
  4. I played with Bratz dolls until I was 13. I used to claim it was because my sister made me, but really I just enjoyed creating a world to which I could escape the restrictions and problems of living at home with my parents. I would’ve continued for longer if Rachel hadn’t lost her temper with me eventually and told me to grow up…
  5. I miss my disfunctional  family. We mightn’t get along, and there may be a lot wrong with us in general, but I do miss them. Until I’ve been home 48 hours. Then I want to run again.
  6. My flatmates mean more to me than I let on to them. They’re my real family, the ones I choose to spend time with. We go through phases of annoying the hell out of each other but then who doesn’t? These 3 are life savers, don’t know where I’d be without them.
  7. I’m still annoyed at a friend of mine from when I was 7 for borrowing my VHS of The Emperor’s New Groove and losing it. She will never be fully forgiven. I feel bad admitting this to be honest.
  8. My favourite book is one from my childhood – Mermaid Magic by Gwyneth Rees. I know it’s a kids book but I would read this every day if I could. Mum and Dad donated it to the charity shop without me knowing a few years back. If it wasn’t for the fact it is now bringing some other child happiness, I would resent them more for it. The blurb is: Down in the watery blue depths of the ocean is Tingle Reef – home to young mermaid Rani and a whole host of fishy friends! It’s an underwater world of magic and mystery – where Rani’s adventures are about to begin… Rani has always known that she’s different from the rest of her family. Her flowing red hair and glowing amber eyes stand out from the other mermaids, who have golden hair and eyes like the sea. But Rani’s about to find out that she’s more different than she realised – she’s got magic powers!
  9. I own over 100 soft toys, not including the ones I have here in Glasgow. Plus I plan on buying at least one in Disneyland Paris next week.
  10. Finally, this blog has kept me sane, as have you. By following me and reading my posts, you have given me courage and self esteem that I never had growing up with my parents and friends. You are the reason I have the courage to speak my mind so freely now. Thank you.

Ktkinnes xx