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Quick question

Should I sign up for Disney Life? It’s 

A unique digital membership giving you access to [Disney’s] biggest collection of Disney movies, kids’ TV box sets, books, music and apps, in one place for the first time!

They have a one month free trial and then afterwards it’s £9.99… Should I go for the free trial? Not sure how many films I have time for over the next month… But I suppose it is summer… Help!

Ktkinnes xx

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Finally finished reading Carol!

A chance encounter between two lonely women leads to a passionate romance in this lesbian cult classic. Therese, a struggling young sales clerk, and Carol, a homemaker in the midst of a bitter divorce, abandon their oppressive daily routines for the freedom of the open road, where their love can blossom. But their newly discovered bliss is shattered when Carol is forced to choose between her child and her lover.

It sounds like a great read, doesn’t it? I really really wanted to enjoy this book but to be honest it fell short of my expectations.

Taking a long time to get into the story, I found it hard to connect with Therese and Carol, neither of them exerting the usual feelings of attachment I normally have when reading about a female protagonist. I anticipated feeling empathy, a sense of understanding what Therese is feeling and the final moment of happiness that someone else, even if in a book, could put into words the thoughts and emotions of falling in love with someone society won’t accept you being with.

Now I can’t say it wasn’t well written. Nor was it particularly boring. It’s my opinion that this book just wasn’t meant for me. For the first time since I was 9, I found myself reading the last page of the book and praying for it to be over!

What are your opinions of the book? I’m still to see the film so will reserve judgement on it for now! 
The real question here, however, is what do I read next? 11 books to choose from, you decide!

  • The Danish Girl by David Ebershoff
  • Room by Emma Donaghue
  • Where She Went by Gayle Forman
  • Before I Die by Jenny Downham
  • Did I Mention I Love You by Estelle Maskame
  • According To Yes by Dawn French
  • The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen
  • An Experiment in Love by Hilary Mantel
  • The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
  • The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side by Agatha Christie
  • The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson

Again, let me know! For now, I’m away to actually do something with my day.
Ktkinnes xx

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Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale

For those of you who don’t know, Grey’s Antomy aired last night in the USA with the season 12 finale. Every week, I wake up and watch the new episode on my very legal and not at all dodgy website that I found a few years back. I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to my laptop for the abuse I put it through weekly if not daily…

This morning I have decided to blog about it while I watch it! So just to warn you… THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. Please leave now if you don’t want it ruined.
The episode opens with Meredith and Alex lying on their backs on the grass, discussing Amelia’s wedding and whether there is only “one true love” for each person. Alex of course claims his was Izzie but Meredith and I strongly disagree with him. 

Two minutes in and the feels are already very strong. Amelia is on the phone with her mum, begging her or anyone from the family to come to the wedding. Queue me looking like a baby with tears streaming down my face. How can they not go to her wedding?? Poor Maggie doesn’t know what to do…

Bailey and her husband are still bickering because of an earlier episode. I’m getting rather tired of them. Yes, he shouldn’t have done what he did but please just drop the storyline already.

Haha the twisted sisters (Meredith, Maggie and Amelia are now the twisted sisters to me, even though no one will ever replace Cristina) are always amusing together. Amelia has now locked herself in the bathroom while sobbing. Maggie is of course trying to be the sympathetic good cop while Meredith is telling her she has 20 minutes to pull herself together. Still not even 5 minutes in! Now Owen is here to try and talk to her (he’s the groom). Aw okay, he’s being really sweet. I forgot why I love him. Amelia’s coming out now! See, they’re perfect for each other.

Oh wait, April is Owen’s best man? Yes, let’s have the pregnant woman as a best man when she looks good to drop.

Aw no there’s a woman with dimensia who’s attacked her son and she’s convinced that Jackson is her husband. I’m sad.

Okay. I have had to pause it now because I’m ready to rant about Jo and Alex. They are perfect together. Alex has now proposed to Jo 3 times and she keeps saying no but not telling him why and yet they stay together. Now Alex is done trying to persuade her to marry him, goes to their house to get his suit for the wedding, and the first thing Jo says to him is “Let’s make a baby”. No. Go away. I love you and you’re beautiful but no. Either marry Alex or leave him to mourn the loss of what is possibly his one true love, but don’t have a baby. Pressing play again. She still won’t tell him why she won’t marry him. Now he’s packing a bag. After a bit of arguing, he has now stormed out. Well done Alex.
Okay, now onto Meredith and Riggs. They’ve obviously slept together and I’m all happy for them but I miss Derek. Although this sexual tension is fun. 
Oh brilliant, April, the best man, has lost the rings. Brilliant. And I think she’s starting to have contractions

Meredith and Owen are now talking about Cristina, Owen’s ex wife. And Amelia overheard them talking. It sucks. But she looks gorgeous. Derek was supposed to walk her down the aisle and now Amelia’s crying because he’s dead. Oooooh Amelia is confronting Meredith about her conversation with Owen. She’s freaking out. I want to hug her. 16 minutes into the episode and I’m already emotionally exhausted. I think Amelia’s forgotten that Meredith is her family. Meredith is telling her everything she can do to help and I’m crying again. Shonda knows how to hurt me in so many ways.

Haha okay so now Amelia is running away and Meredith is driving the runaway car and they’ve taken Maggie with them and of course the only person to see anything was Richard Webber.

Yay! April found the rings! And her contractions are getting worse. 

We’re back to the dimensia woman and she’s completely forgotten she had a son. Jackson tried to tell her and now she thinks she’s pregnant! 😂

Callie and Arizona are having more problems even though they’re no longer married and they’ve settled the baby problem and I’m angry because I want them to be together but Arizona cheated and doesn’t deserve Callie anymore.

20 minutes in… Jo and Steph scene now with Jo complaining that she pushed Alex away. I couldn’t agree more child. Steph doesn’t have the patience to stay with Jo right now. Jo is drunk. 

Owen is now aware that everyone’s everywhere. April is about to have her baby in Meredith’s house without her doctors… Tense! And Jackson is in surgery so doesn’t know she’s in labour.

Amelia is now freaking out about running out on her wedding. Oh wow. This is going to be a long episode. 25 minutes.

Back to Jo. Oh Jo just said something along the lines of “I want to marry him but I can’t. I can’t marry anyone.” Are we about to know her secret?! SHE’S ALREADY MARRIED?!? Wow. Okay I saw this coming but this just stupid.

Baby is breach. Brilliant. April and Ben are trying to birth this baby alone. She needs a C-section. At least Ben is finally saying he won’t do it! Baby is dying and she needs surgery and this isn’t going to end well. At least he’s called Bailey! They need Bailey.

Owen is waiting patiently for Amelia to show up again. He believes in her. I think she’ll make it. Twisted Sisters are back at the wedding but she hasn’t gone in yet. 

Baby about to be cut out. They have called the hospital and are being talked through the c section by Arizona, Bailey, and Jackson. Jackson is freaking out because April is telling Ben to save the baby no matter what and leave her to die if necessary. This is going to be a nightmare. I’m terrified. They’re having to cut the baby out without any anesthetic. Oh good, the ambulance got there! Just to see if they’re alive. She looks like she’s alive. There’s a baby! I can’t see if it’s alive…

Back to Jo. Jo is talking about the guy she married. He abused her. That much has come out. Now I’m crying again. She’s been through so much. No wonder she won’t marry Alex. Whoa, her real name isn’t Jo. Shit, Alex just walked in. Now he’s beating up the only one who knows Jo’s secret.

April had a baby girl! And Riggs brought the rings to Owen. And Amelia is back and ready to get married. And Riggs has been invited to the wedding at long last! Meredith is talking about her wedding to Derek and I’m sad again. Whole roller coaster of emotions.

Yay! Wedding! She looks beautiful. Jackson’s holding his baby and she’s crying and I’m so broody right now. And April is stable again. And finally Bailey and Ben are sorted. Definitely a good season finale. I have never been so happy at a season finale. Where’s the pain, Shonda?

Arizona just brought Sophia to see Callie, this could be the source of the pain. Let’s see… Nope. Arizona is giving Callie Sophia so she can go to New York to follow Blake (Callie’s girlfriend) and now I’m sobbing because all the happiness! What is wrong with me?

Oh brilliant. Maggie loves Riggs. Brilliant.

What a way to end the season. I’m over the moon. Best one yet. Yes there were some sad moments and I have been crying but let’s take the fans back to other season finales. George died, Lexie died, Cristina left, Jackson and April ran away from April’s wedding to that ambulance guy, so much sad stuff! Thank you to anyone who has followed through to now. What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Ktkinnes xx

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Late night ponderings

Before I start, I just wanted to direct you towards my Twitter account (@kvburton657) where I am a lot more active at the minute, just in case any of you are missing me and wanting more of my ramblings! But yes, on with the post.

Once again I’m still awake in the early hours of the morning even though I promised myself an early night. Does it ever happen with you? Dinner was over before 8, I’d planned a movie night with friends and hoped to be in bed and asleep by midnight. Instead it was 12:30am when our friend left and I’m still awake. So here I am!
How do you get to sleep on those nights when it just seems impossible? Reading used to be my cure, however recently it hasn’t helped at all. Mary likes to fall asleep watching a film, but to me that seems impractical – you end up missing the film! Jason uses music, something I occasionally do but a lot of the time it makes things worse. I know the golden rule is to eat earlier and stay off my phone or away from screens but I’m a 20 year old student – these aren’t really options.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Ktkinnes xx