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Bird with a broken wing

For years I wrote poetry in an attempt to clear my head and be creative. I entered a few competitions and had 2 or 3 published with Foyle Young Poets, but I never shared them with my family. So I thought I’d post one of my earliest poems here to ask for your opinions! Please be as brutal as you want, honesty is always the best policy.
“They’ve started again,” my sister says

As she crawls into bed.

I pull her close and hug her tight

Their shouting enters my head.
I cannot sleep, so I watch her rest,

Jealous of her peacefulness.

As morning breaks, a bird starts to sing,

And so begins my loneliness.
In school, I listen to my friends

Wittering and chirping away.

They don’t know how much I dread

Going home at the end of the day.
Sometimes I want to fly away;

To laugh and chirp and sing.

But as long as I live with them,

I’m like a bird with a broken wing.

Ktkinnes xx