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Friday Nights

Good morning everybody! After less than 6 hours sleep, I am ready to take on the day and get some work done. 

Yesterday was great. Jason came back from his exam with a couple of our friends who sat and chatted to us for a while. In the end, I invited one of said friends to stay for dinner so we went out and bought alcohol and ordered Chinese. I managed to get rather drunk in the 2 hours of drinking before dinner and so went through a whirlwind of emotions but it was a great night. Mary took herself to bed at midnight and I think it was about 1:30ish when our friend left but then I ended up in Jason’s room until almost 4, just talking.

And so now I am away to cram in as much revision as I can! Monday is set to be the warmest day of the year so far, so the less revision I have to do on Monday the better.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!
Ktkinnes xx