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As with all students, we always seem to have empty beer and wine bottles rolling around the flat. Whether they’re in their designated bottle recycling bag in the kitchen, a bedroom, bathroom or in the hallway, there are always quite a few.
In our attempt to make the flat more homely, I was trying to think of a way to use these bottles for something useful. In the end, I resorted to wrapping 2 bottles in washi tape and placing a rechargeable bottle light in it to make some lovely unique lamps!

Instead of the bottle lights, you could use fairy lights or something! How would you use these bottles in your house/flat/apartment? 
Ktkinnes xx


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Something I drew…

20th April – almost at the end!

Today was glorious. 19 degrees centigrade, clear blue skies, and no lectures to attend! This of course resulted in me sunbathing and inevitably burning my shoulders as always. I swear I will remember sun cream when we go to Paris next month.


Me enjoying the sun today
Today’s theme (technically yesterday’s theme but shh) is something I drew and so, at this stage in the year, I felt it appropriate to show off one of my doodles from the beginning of the year.  

This little turtle sits in the bottom left hand corner of my To Do list that I made. Every day I write on post it notes anything I want to get done and as I check them off the list, the post it goes in the bin! Simple but effective. I think he’s rather cute, don’t you?


Ktkinnes xx