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Here you have a picture of me on a day when I loved my hair. The red was shining through and I’d just bought a purple lipstick, just a shame it hadn’t come out purple! 

The reason I decided to use this picture tonight was because yesterday I had a mini rant about things I don’t like. In that rant I mentioned briefly that I didn’t like my body and I didn’t like me in general. While that’s how I feel probably 95% of the time, I wanted to share with you a time when I actually liked myself. 

The day that photo was taken (8th January 2016) was one of the few days this year I have felt confident in the way I look. Think all we did was go visit my granny. But for once I was happy in myself – something I hope to feel slightly more frequently soon. 

I’m planning on dying my hair again, back to the red it is in the above photo (as opposed to today’s colour shown below) but I’m waiting just to check timings with my lovely hair colourer – Nuala. Or I may even give it a go myself! Probably next week… 

Having rid myself of all snacks, I’m going back to my aim of only snacking on movie nights and at no other time. I’m also trying to drink more water. Who knows, I could even look semi reasonable by the time it’s summer!

But now I am away to read a new book – Carol by Patricua Highsmith. Goodnight everyone!
Ktkinnes xx




Hey :) I'm 24, from Northern Ireland and no longer new to blogging. I love all things TV, books, food, music and film as well as going out with friends. This is hopefully somewhere you'll be able to come if you feel you need a laugh or even just to stay in touch. Life can be hard and confusing, so

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