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Auchterhouse, Dundee – Christmas 2008

Tonight, we’re looking at “cold”. While I could’ve written about my delicious Citrus Crush recipe, I decided I’d at least start with a story about being cold.

Back in 2008, we travelled to Dundee to spend Christmas with my aunt, uncle and cousins. The only way I can remember the year was I had so much maths homework to do as revision for our January exams – it was horrible! Anyway, that’s not the point. We started out early in the morning – Mum, Dad, Granny, Rachel and me. Granny, Rachel and I were all crushed in the back seats of the car, surrounded by cases of heavy winter clothes and bags of presents. It was the first year Mum and Dad acknowledged that we no longer believed in Santa which made the journey slightly easier. We drove to the boat and sailed across the Irish Sea, playing card games and killing time by walking around the shop. It was so much more interesting when we were that age! 

After disembarking, we knew there was roughly a 3 hour journey ahead of us in our cramped car. The heating in the car was turned on full blast and we started driving. At some stage in the journey, the temperature reached around -12 degrees centigrade – that’s roughly 10 degrees Fahrenheit! It was freezing. No amount of heating could keep us warm. Then, to make the journey even better, the windscreen washers froze over and Dad couldn’t clean the windscreen to see properly. Eventually he gave in and had to open his driver’s side window, pour bottled water over the windscreen as best he could, and get the wipers going quickly before the fresh water froze too, all whilst trying to drive safely. This would’ve been fine except the open window at 70 miles per hour (~112kph) was causing quite a breeze in the back seat which was only improved by the onslaught of cold water that was being blown back into my face! We were never so happy to arrive somewhere as we were to arrive at the house that night. Definitely one of my coldest experiences to date.

We went on to have a great Christmas. That was the year I got my first ever Nintendo DSi and could finally play nintendogs along with all my friends. It was so exciting!
What’s the coldest you’ve ever been?
Ktkinnes xx

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Inside My Wallet and Younger Me

Firstly, sorry for not posting the last 2 days, I had pre-written these two posts but forgot to actually post them!
Inside My Wallet.


Rather than boring you with my massive purse, filled with multiple cards, I’m sharing with you my night out purse.

In here, I carry my ID, a bank card, my organ donor card, and my marrow donor card. Alongside this, I have a £20 note and £5 in cash. Always handy to have at least £5 left for trying to get home after a night out!
Younger Me.


Here we have Rachel, me, and Baron in front of us. This was (I think) Rachel’s first day of Primary 1 in Scotland. She would be about 5, me about 8, and Baron approximately 1 year old. I miss the old days of Primary School and Forfar… Life was so much simpler back then!
Sorry again for them being so late, come back tonight for today’s Photo A Day!
Ktkinnes xx