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Apparently some people have lost their contacts. Seen on thefeatheredsleep.

Even if you weren’t originally following this blog, give it a read and see if it’s to your liking? Happy blogging everyone!
Contacts deleted
All the contacts I had added have been deleted. Apparently WP has done this to a lot of us, twelve people wrote me to say the same has happened to them. If I’m not following you anymore can you please tell me so i can re-add you back? Frustrated. Thank you♡ All written work sole […]

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Ah lunch. One of the highlights of a day. When I saw this on the photo a day April challenge, I got so excited – finally something I could write about that would go under a new category! 


Photo A Day April
Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of today’s lunch for you all so instead I’ve had to use the ever perfect resource that is Google Images. 

Today was delicious. As per usual, Dad, Rachel and I are left to use things up from the fridge and we’re constantly running out of ideas. Dad somehow managed to arrange it that he’d be out over lunch and so it was just Rachel and me to organise food for ourselves. Now, about 10 days ago, Mum had bought a bag of 6 avocados. As I’m sure you can imagine, the three sitting in the fruit bowl were getting extremely ripe! And so Rachel and I decided to have prawn cocktail in avocado shells.


credit to youtube, found through google images

Simply mix some mayonaise and ketchup together, I tend to do a 50:50 ratio of the two. Shake in some Tabasco sauce, as much as you like, and squeeze in a touch of lemon juice. Mix it all well and add pre-cooked prawns. Quick and easy! Then we took 2 of the avocado, cut them in half, removed the stone, and  spooned the prawn cocktail onto each half. It was great for a speedy lunch and not too many dishes either – perfect for students if you manage to get the prawns on offer!

However, the main lunch I wanted to share with you tonight was one I made last week. Once again it uses prawns but I’m sure you could substitute them for bacon or anything else you’d like to add.


I would definitely recommend both of these lunches, 10/10!

What did you have for lunch today?
Ktkinnes xx