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Day 3 of Photo A Day April brings us “Mail”. What’s the first thing that pops into your head when I say “mail”? Because this is what happens if you search google images for “mail”:

Google Image’s thoughts on “mail”

Now forgive me but in my mind these images all relate to email – the wondrous act of sending messages over the Internet. However, the image I had in mind was more something like this:


postbox filled with letters
Now, call me old fashioned if you like but I miss the excitement that came with a letter or card arriving in the post for you. Nowadays the only letters I seem to get are from the bank telling me I was right in not looking at my balance! #studentlife and all that… But I’m going off on a tangent, forgive me. What I mean to say is, whatever happened to letter writing?
I don’t want to turn into my mother with thoughts and comments like this but people these days don’t write letters frequently enough in my opinion. For example, every Christmas since 2004 I have sent and received a card and letter to a lunchtime supervisor at my first primary school in Scotland. Every year without fail for the last 11 years, Mrs Johnson has sent me a Christmas card with a brief update on how she is doing and any other information she feels might interest me – this year she let me know of the death of my P1 teacher, I certainly felt old! In return, I try and write at least one side of an A4 page of a response, telling her all about what I’ve been doing through the year and occasionally I send her a picture of Rachel and me. Yes a day will come when this card doesn’t come through the letterbox but for now we won’t think of that.

Another case of letter writing that seems to have completely gone out the window is thank you cards and letters. After our birthdays each year, and sometime after Christmas too, Rachel and I were made to sit and write a thank you letter to those family members living across the water. Included was a description of the party, a list of our favourite presents, and always a thank you for either the present, gift voucher, or money that had been given to us. If it was money or a gift voucher, we were expected to say what we hoped to buy with it. Nowadays it’s a quick text or Facebook message!
One thing that will hopefully never disappear are the letters to Santa every year. Roughly 550,000 a year according to the telegraph! Oh the excitement of writing that letter… Although it took me until I was 12 to realise why Mum and Dad always insisted our letters to Santa must be typed and saved on the computer. Very smart of them really. How else were they going to check what we wanted? Hopefully these letters will continue to be sent annually for a long time yet to come.

So as I leave you tonight, might I suggest a good deed? Write and send a letter to a friend or relative you mightn’t have spoken to in a while. I’m sure they’d really appreciate the sentiment behind a letter, whether it is typed or handwritten. It shows you care. But whatever you do, please don’t let your kids start emailing Santa!


Ktkinnes xx

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Nuala Takes Over

Greetings people of blogland. In case the first sentence had not tickled your suspicions, I must confess that it is not Katie that is bringing you these words. It is in fact her favourite flatmate Nuala (disclaimer: this has never actually been directly quoted by Katie – yet). The freedom of the Easter holidays and study leave has got to me, and the boredom that accompanies procrastination is slowly rotting me away, so Katie suggested I write a little thingamabob for this. Until I sat down to do it, I assumed thinking of something to write about would be a piece of cake, but in the somewhat braindead state I am currently sat in, all I can think to write about is a little something about me. So sit back, relax, and enjoy.First things first, I am from a little place just outside Aberdeen called Banchory. There isn’t much to do there other than consume large quantities of alcohol in the pubs and avoid being mowed down by the boy racers who like to waste their petrol driving laps around the village. I now of course reside in Glasgow, stuck in a flat with the motley crew of Katie, Jason, and Mary.

I never really wanted to come to university, but ended up picking psychology because I like Derren Brown (writing a personal statement on that basis was incredibly challenging). It was just something to do to prolong having to make proper grown up decisions I suppose. The entry requirements for third year psychology are gross so I might not even make it, woe is me. More time to sleep and eat though, amirite?

Another super fun fact about me is I have Coeliac Disease, aka I am gluten free. Basically I can’t eat anything containing wheat, barley, oats, or rye. It brings top banter to any attempt at a meal out, or other people trying to cook for me. It has got a lot easier in the last few years as awareness has grown, but I’m still waiting for gluten free doughnuts to come back (please Tesco they were a staple part of my diet).

Another funky dunky lil thing about me is I was born with Cleft Palate. Essentially I was born without the roof of my mouth. Allow me to address the questions I imagine you have: no you couldn’t see my brain, no I couldn’t tickle my brain with my tongue, yes I have one now, and yes I did once get a coat hanger stuck in the gap. It’s weird, I know.

Anyhoo that’s probably more than enough from me, so I bid thee farewell, perhaps we shall meet again.