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Day two of the photo a day April challenge is, you guessed it, colour. Now as this isn’t clear, I thought I’d share a few images with you and explain why I associated them with today’s theme.

my favourite colours

The first thing that popped into my head to do with colour was “What’s my favourite colour?” The honest answer being I have a few. However, blue and purple have always been my go-to colours when asked what my favourite colours are. Who can really argue when you see them together like this? 


The colour of the sun our last morning in Ibiza
  Again, this “colour” image makes me feel warm and happy inside whilst also sad at the same time. As the caption says, this was the sun rising over Es Canar in Ibiza the morning we left in 2015. The warm orange reminds me of the heat and happiness of the holiday, the friendships we built, and the memories that will always “rise” when I think about both holidays there. However, it does make me sad knowing that this was also the morning we had to say goodbye to friends. It sounds stupid but 2-4 weeks with these people and they began to feel like an extension to the family. Hopefully we’ll see them again soon.


The family Christmas Tree

Now again, for anyone who doesn’t know me, I simply love Christmas. While I made sure the tree in our flat has a simple colour scheme, the family tree at home is like a firework display – colours everywhere and no idea where to look. Admittedly, this isn’t the best picture to show it but each year the tree is adorned with gold and red and green and silver baubles of all shapes and sizes, multicoloured fairy lights, and the ever present Disney characters that Mum and Dad started collecting years ago. One thing’s for sure, I love the colours of Christmas.
I’ll leave it at 3 photos, don’t want to overdo it! What are your first thoughts when asked to photograph “colour”? Let me know! And feel free to join me on my quest to fill my blog with photos this month. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Hope you all are well!
Ktkinnes xx 


Hey :) I'm 24, from Northern Ireland and no longer new to blogging. I love all things TV, books, food, music and film as well as going out with friends. This is hopefully somewhere you'll be able to come if you feel you need a laugh or even just to stay in touch. Life can be hard and confusing, so

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