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RIP Ronnie Corbett

Today, one of the UK’s best known comedians passed away at the good age of 85 surrounded by family in hospital.

Ronnie Corbett, whilst being more well known amongst the older generations, was one of my favourite TV personalities as I grew up. I’ll be honest and say I could cry sitting thinking about it.

Acting alongside Ronnie Barker (hence The Two Ronnies), he made a nation laugh at multiple episodes. When Barker died in 2005, it didn’t hit me as much as I feel it should’ve. My Papa died just under 2 years later (a massive fan of the two comedians) and since then there have been a few deaths that have struck me quite hard. Never expected this death to. I’ll leave you with a collection of the best bits.
“It’s goodnight from me… And it’s goodnight from him. Goodnight!”
Ktkinnes xx