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RIP Ronnie Corbett

Today, one of the UK’s best known comedians passed away at the good age of 85 surrounded by family in hospital.

Ronnie Corbett, whilst being more well known amongst the older generations, was one of my favourite TV personalities as I grew up. I’ll be honest and say I could cry sitting thinking about it.

Acting alongside Ronnie Barker (hence The Two Ronnies), he made a nation laugh at multiple episodes. When Barker died in 2005, it didn’t hit me as much as I feel it should’ve. My Papa died just under 2 years later (a massive fan of the two comedians) and since then there have been a few deaths that have struck me quite hard. Never expected this death to. I’ll leave you with a collection of the best bits.
“It’s goodnight from me… And it’s goodnight from him. Goodnight!”
Ktkinnes xx

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Maigret (2016)

Shown on ITV (STV or UTV for those of us not in England), Rowan Atkinson plays the serious role of detective Jules Maigret around the time of Jack the Ripper in England. 

This feature length film, 90 minutes long, followed Maigret trying to catch a murderer in Paris. With many recognisable faces, it was a shock to see that the one name I recognised wasn’t the murderer for a change! The acting was brilliant and the storyline wasn’t too far fetched as so many of these crime shows can be. 

For his first serious role, Rowan Atkinson did a pretty decent job of getting me to warm to Maigret. Whilst I’m aware of a lot of complaints about the show, my only problem with it would be the unnecessary music that seems to be in all shows these days. I would agree that sometimes music is needed to set the scene but I think we had all of 2 minutes in the first 15 that didn’t have music going on in the background. 
However, I would definitely recommend watching it if you get the chance!
Hope you’re having a good week
Ktkinnes xx 

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Easter day

Hello everyone 😊 normally by now I’ve written my Sunday review but unfortunately it’s a tad later this week. Also, it’s probably not going to cover the rest of the week, only the last 3 days!

Well it’s been a strange Easter weekend, I’ll give you that. Friday, we drove to the beautiful countryside of County Fermanagh and got lost trying to find Crom Estate so eventually gave up and found a pub. Met up with family from down this part of the country which was quite nice – actually saw my uncle for the first time in about 3 years! The night ended with a lovely meal in the chalet and just family time. 

Saturday we were up at the crack of dawn (some of us earlier than others thanks to a certain dog) to get ready to have coffee before a walk. Only 2 hours after we all got up, we were on our way to Castle Coole (not sure on spelling) for a walk around the lake. Of course, what with living in Northern Ireland, it was raining quite heavily for the majority of the walk. So we spent the afternoon playing board games and yet more talking. Saturday was rounded off with a lovely dinner in CafĂ© Merlot in Enniskillen where the most intriguing part of the menu was a fillet of cod served with beef bourguigon. Apparently it was lovely but I do wish I’d taken a picture for you!

Today, with the hour change, we had a bit of a lie in before taking a walk around a small bay just on the outskirts of Kesh. It was lovely since we haven’t been there in years but Rachel and I used to go quite frequently with our granny. Back to the chalet and time for lunch before once again we all piled into the car for a trip “down south” to the Republic of Ireland. Well we drove down through Pettigo, into Donegal, to Murvagh beach, a slight detour somewhere I can’t remember the name of, and finally into Belleek. I’m now sitting on the sofa bed after a decent Chinese takeaway at my aunt and uncle’s – too full to sleep!
So I think all in all it’s been a good time away. Yes I complain about having to spend time with family but at the same time it was good to see Peter, Linda and Sarah. But for now I’m going to have to try and sleep. Up early to clear out of the chalet, need to be out by 10am…
Good luck for the upcoming Monday!

Lovely day for a walk on the beach
Ktkinnes xxx

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Happy Easter!

I never know whether to say that on Good Friday or Easter Sunday so to play it safe I’ll say it today.
We decided to go to County Fermanagh for the Easter weekend and so am sat in a chalet looking out at the lower Lough Erne. As usual, especially for this part of the world, it’s pouring and doesn’t plan on stopping until maybe May. I’ve a rather wet Baron curled up at my feet. 
Speaking of… That dog never sleeps. So between the heating system flicking on every 15 minutes, with the main vent above my sofa bed, and then his paws on the wooden floor over and over again, I really haven’t slept much. Finally getting to sleep around 1ish, the dog had me up from 5:30. This is going to be a great day…
Hope you all have a great weekend! I’ll let you know how this weekend goes…
Ktkinnes xx

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My love affair with Airplanes

Okay so it’s not like I love flying, heck I hate trying to get myself organised to fly. The lists are never ending and I always end up at the airport at least an hour and a half earlier than necessary.
However, nervous flying aside, I love looking out the window as we fly. Today I’m in seat 2A with the two seats beside me taken by two men who are probably larger than me – didn’t think that was possible! It’s a tight squeeze which is making me more nervous but in just over an hour I’ll be home with the family, the cat and Baron. Can’t wait to see that fluff ball again!


Baron being an idiot of a dog but oh so fluffy
Hope your week got off to a good start!
Ktkinnes xxx

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Productive Monday mornings


It may be only just after 9am, but I feel like today will be a productive one. Awake at 7 this morning, I’ve so far stripped my bed and put a wash on and finally started on revision notes. An hour into the notes and I find myself asking why did I once again leave them so late? Of course this lead to quite a few philosophical thoughts and questions that seriously added to the procrastination…

A lot of us find it hard to get the motivation to do anything. I read an article on the BBC news a few weeks ago stating that we all have the same hours in a day as BeyoncĂ© – questioning why there are some people who can succeed and achieve everything, and then the rest of us who struggle to even attempt our basic tasks for the day. While I can’t pretend to know the answer, I can share with you one or two thoughts on it. Firstly, BeyoncĂ© is one of those people who has a team behind her, helping with everything as she goes along. This may sound like I’m making excuses but honestly if I had someone who could do my hair and makeup for me daily then I certainly wouldn’t be sitting in tea stained pjs with 3-day-old bed head. 

Secondly, she’s being paid to be productive. I know I’m not! I’ll allow arguments here that say if I was working in a job I’d be paid to be productive, or my education will pay off in the long run, however right at this moment in time I’m not making any money for being out of bed at 7.

Thirdly, she’s BeyoncĂ©. Everyone has heard of her, knows who she is and what she stands for. I’m just that girl who talks more than is necessary and people try to avoid when at a party. And I’m 100% okay with that! Means I can put less effort in than others. 

So yes, in my attempt at having a productive morning, I have somehow ended up on WordPress, procrastinating and explaining why this is okay. Having already covered 3 lectures worth of notes, I’m quite happy to procrastinate. Might even have breakfast now… So it’s over to you, what makes a day a successful/productive day for you? Or the opposite, what makes you feel like you’ve had a relaxed or lazy day?
I suppose I should get back to work. These notes won’t write themselves. Have a great day everyone and stay positive! Remember, you don’t have to be as successful as BeyoncĂ© to count as being productive.

Ktkinnes xxx

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Eugh. Sunday.

I love Sunday’s. The relaxation, the preparation for the week ahead, and the ever present desire to hide in bed for an eternity.

After a busy week of what felt like doing nothing, I’m exhausted. And I’ve somehow developed a cold. Monday was hectic, writing a presentation due in on Tuesday, and accompanied by a trip to the park. Tuesday then saw a day of shopping, spending money unnecessarily but it was fun. Wednesday came with a presentation in physics that I think went well, and then a fab night out with my new friends at lgbtq+. Thursday should’ve been a day of recovery except it was St. Patrick’s Day and so the drinking continued – the day ending with me attending my first ever ceilidh. Friday saw me tidying and beginning to get my life organised again before watching Freedom Writers, a fantastic film. My review can be found titled “Freedom Writers”. Saturday was super Saturday, 3 rugby matches and once again alcohol was consumed. With the cold I wasn’t drinking much and so it was fun to watch Nuala and Charlie get incredibly drunk.
I’m now currently in bed, dosed up with painkillers and cold and flu medicine, watching Criminal Minds and considering making a revision timetable. 37 days until the first exam!


Tonight’s plan is a quiet night in. Maybe a film with Mary. I’m heading home for a few weeks as of Tuesday so tomorrow will probably be spent packing along with meeting up with one of said lgbtq+ friends for coffee. Hopefully this week will be less hectic with a lot more sleep involved! Coughing stops me from sleeping…
Anyway, I’m going to go and pay attention to the tv. Remember, make the most of what’s left of your Sunday night freedom!

Ktkinnes xxx