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Maigret (2016)

Shown on ITV (STV or UTV for those of us not in England), Rowan Atkinson plays the serious role of detective Jules Maigret around the time of Jack the Ripper in England.

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Freedom Writers

Tonight, Nuala and I watched this incredible “feel good” film. Not sure what I was going into, as all Nuala described it as was “a teacher in a very gang based school where everyone’s fighting each other”,  I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did. 15/10. Without a doubt, best movie I have seen in ages.

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Yet another Wednesday

Panda Meme from - Panda in background with the words "It's Wednesday and I still can't find the motivation" in the foreground.
Ah Wednesdays. The “hump” day if you like. The day I have the most difficulty getting out of bed because “the week is still dragging on”. However, this week I’ve had fewer classes and so am quite excited for this seminar. What I’m not excited for is the physics presentation I’ve to do in just over 4 hours. 8 minutes talking, 2 minutes questions. I’m fine for the talking – ask anyone I know and they’ll tell you I could talk to a wall of left for long enough. It’s the unknown of the questions at the end.

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Wow Thanks!

Good morning friends!


I woke up this morning to discover that Life With Ktkinnes has reached 69 followers! How did we manage that??


I’d like to thank each of you for taking the time to read, comment on and like the posts, a lot of the time they’re just me rambling away about different things. However, the fact that you still follow me and occasionally give me a like really lifts my mood and inspires me to write more.


The goal for 2016 was to get 70 followers – we’re almost there and it’s not even half way through March yet!


If you have any suggestions on what I should write about next, or anything in particular that has made you stop and think recently then please feel free to message me or comment.


I’m now live on twitter at kvburton657, and on Instagram at Life With Ktkinnes.

Since it is almost 11am, I should probably get on with some work or cleaning. It’s my kitchen week and I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to clean somewhere! Hope your day is as exciting as mine!



Ktkinnes xxx

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Blue is the Warmest Colour

Blue Is The Warmest Colour Movie Poster
My Rating: 8/10

Well to start, 3 hours is long for any film. And yet, any shorter I wouldn’t have found myself as attached to the characters as I was in the end.

Adele’s life is changed when she meets Emma, a young woman with blue hair, who will allow her to discover desire, to assert herself as a woman and as an adult. In front of others, Adele grows, seeks herself, loses herself and ultimately finds herself through love and loss.

Not knowing much about the film, except for hearing some people compare it to a feature length pornography film, I decided to give it a go and I’m glad I did.

Thankfully I was able to find a website with subtitles as the film is in French from beginning to end, something I hadn’t realised at the start. Although, I don’t think I would’ve given it a chance had I known it would be in French. Certainly wouldn’t have started it at 11pm. However I feel the language added to the romance and raw emotion of the film.

The actresses portrayed their characters brilliantly from start to end, neither of them fell into the trap of making you aware you were watching a film. It felt as though I was standing in the shadows of Adele’s life as she progressed from high school through to her career. Not many films do that so easily.

Similarly, there aren’t many 3 hour long films that I would choose to watch again, but now Blue is the Warmest Colour can be added to that list.
Blue Is The Warmest Colour Movie Poster in French
But for now I shall say goodnight. It’s been a long day!
Ktkinnes xxx