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… for yourself. Respecting yourself can mean multiple things. Having the respect to treat your body properly through sleep, exercise and hygiene. It can also mean to not let yourself be pressured into something you don’t want to do. Stand by your principles and any decisions you make – just because someone disagrees doesn’t mean you should ignore your opinions. Be able to forgive yourself whenever you feel you’ve disrespected yourself. Don’t insult or harm yourself – when was the last time you purposefully hurt a friend, whether physically or emotionally, and would you consider it acceptable to do the same to yourself? Be completely honest with yourself. The only person you hurt when lying is yourself. Remember this. Accept the things you can’t change about yourself, they’re with you for life whether you want them or not! 
… for others. Treat them the way you would like to be treated. Don’t put people down or hurt them. Forgive them if they’ve done something against you. Listen to them, even if they’re talking complete nonsense. Keep promises you make. Be on time for things, or at least be apologetic if you’re in the wrong. Have some manners. A simple please or thank you can go a long long way. Ask before borrowing. Encourage your friend or colleague or family member to do that thing they’ve been talking about for ages and be supportive while they try it out. Remember, people don’t have to respect you any more than you respect them. If you treat others with respect, they’ll do the same for you.
… for property. Whether it belongs to you or to a friend, property deserves respect. If you borrow something, ask first, thank the person, and where applicable return it in the same condition it reached you in. If you finish something, replace it. Don’t wait until the last possible chance to return or replace things. Treat someone else’s property as if it were your own. Would you dance on your own £200 table tennis table? No? Then why does being drunk count as an excuse for dancing on someone else’s? Why turn down the page of a book when you can use a scrap piece of paper as a bookmark?

These are the 3 basic rules my sister and I grew up with. It seems a few people weren’t taught these simple values and so it begins to irritate others. 
Sorry for having a bit of a rant but I thought this needed shared. On a brighter note, a friend of a friend is part of a band and it would be great if you were to give them a listen! They’re called Tacado and can be found at any of the links below. Even if they’re not your type, please spread word to anyone you know who may like them!

Listen to Fading Colours – Single by Tacado on @AppleMusic.

Or here on YouTube

It’s currently the only song on iTunes or YouTube but I have been promised there are more to come.
Hope you had a good weekend!
Ktkinnes xx