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24 sleeps…

Yes it’s that time of the year again! I thought I would share this delightful video with you all that I found online the other day, I just couldn’t stop smiling through it. While we all have our favourite songs and their corresponding singers, it’s this time of year where we all look to our Michael Buble CDs and other classic CDs that take us back to our childhood memories of Santa and the magic surrounding this special time of the year.

Now, Rachel wouldn’t forgive me if I didn’t at least mention the biblical aspect of Christmas so here’s my brief shout out to it. If you believe in God and Jesus and believe this time of year is special for one reason and one reason only then I’m happy for you, honestly. Until recently I had persuaded myself that I agree with you but as things have occurred over the years, I have come to the conclusion that I myself do not hold these beliefs. However, I do still think Christmas is a magical time of the year. It’s the time of year when most of us realise that all too frequently we take our families for granted. We take the time out of our busy lives to spend time with those we care about whether they are related by blood or not. Having not seen my parents since September I can’t wait to get to spend some real time with them.

What many of us seem to forget at this time of year though is that many people don’t have the chance to spend this holiday season with their family and friends. Whether through bereavement, financial problems or family tiffs, so many people now don’t get to spend the holiday season with their loved ones in a warm and sheltered house. Take a second and remember today just how lucky we are really.


Now for the more upbeat side of today’s count down! As the song above reminds us, for many children all over the world, no matter what name they know him by, Santa Claus will be coming to visit the well behaved children soon. For those of us older and apparently wiser folk, we look back at our childhood with nostalgia for the morning of Christmas day when you would race to open all your presents and to play with them as much as you could.

Rachel and I used to have a tradition that still holds slightly even now we are older. When we were younger, it was very common for us to wake early with that excited butterfly feeling. Rachel would come in and jump into my bed as we tried to guess what Santa had left downstairs for us. At 7:30 I would sneak downstairs to check that Santa had actually been. After the all clear was given, Rachel would come down too and we would stand in awe of all the marvellous presents that were wrapped and left on the sofas. We would storm back up the stairs to drag Mum and Dad out of bed to come see everything we had been left and the 5 minute wait that we had before opening presents so that they could get their cup of tea seemed like torture!

Now though, as I’m sure you’re aware, we know about Santa. Now ‘s a slightly more relaxed rush to open presents as we always have at least one Granny staying with us on Christmas Eve.

This year, we will be in Dundee for Christmas so I really hope some of the young excitement will rub off on us from our younger cousins. Although if they try and sleep later than 8 I will personally pour the bucket of cold water over them! Only joking…


Anyway, I hope for the rest of today you have a great day! Let me know of any Santa traditions you had as a child, I’d love to hear them!

Speak soon


Ktkinnes   xxx

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Where did the year go?!

december quotes

Here it is folks – December has landed! Who knew 30 days could come and go in such a short space of time?

November was busy enough in its own way. In the first week, we were very flat-based with two meals, delicious if I do say so myself, of Chicken Jalousie then Chicken, Chorizo and Chickpea casserole. Between the two of them came the Firework display and a lovely night out with the flatmates. The following weekend was taken up wit working on my seminar paper and presentation for Fundamentals of Education, and Rachel telling our parents that I am a lesbian. A few beers, a tub of Ben and Jerry’s, and a few Christmas songs later, I finally felt okay and am still to have the discussion with my mum about it all. At least she now knows and I don’t have to worry about how she’ll react when I eventually approach the subject. After an interesting seminar talk and an even more interesting physics class test, I needed a night out in Polo with the GULGBTQ+ society and it was by far the best night out in ages – who can complain about £2 cocktails and £3 for a double vodka and orange? I then had my first night with the Come Dine With Me society which was…. an experience shall we say. From this, I went on to Mata’s to celebrate the end of a court case she was a witness in. The following week, I met Nuala’s second Tinder date as we all went to the pub and got drunk together. He seems nice! Hopefully things work out for them. This last week had both Phillip’s and my Come Dine With Me meals which were slightly more successful compared to the previous meal. Now we just need to sub,it scores… I had a physics report due this week that I submitted at the last minute but still feel okay about. In the middle of all this, I did some Christmas shopping and learnt 2 and a half dances in Irish Dancing. My legs still hurt!

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Did I achieve my goals, I hear you ask? Let’s take a look! If you count ‘Shopping At Tesco’ by Jaq Hazell a book then yes. It was an interesting read and it’s review can be found in the post titled ‘Hello and goodbye!’ Revision has semi started, with past papers started but with notes and some notes actually written. Not long until the exams now! I also mde it to Irish Dancing every week plus 5 trips to the gym – that’s well beyond what I expected from myself! If this continues next semester then I will be very proud. I did get some nights where I properly slept. Not a lot but I didn’t get ill! An average of 6 hours a night is acceptable if not very good for a university student. The final goal was a bit of an optimistic goal… Considering a lot of the time online was either during breaks or actually for work I feel this wasn’t too bad.


Decembers’ goals? They’re quite simple really:

  • Read one book for leisure. With a lot of revision and stressful exams, it is important to take the time to relax and that is what I plan to do this month.
  • Continue to gym or dance once a week until the end of the semester. I have no real excuse to not do this as it is a simple hour to complete each planned exercise routine. Maybe when Nuala goes home for Christmas I will let it slide slightly…
  • Do well in exams. This won’t be known until after Christmas but we’ll work on it
  • Have a Christmas Song and Thought of the Day Advent calendar on here. Please feel free to join me!

December is always a busy month. There are 3 family birthdays and a few uni friends birthdays to celebrate as well. In fact, I am not writing this now. I actually wrote it on Sunday and scheduled it to post as I am currently out for Toby’s birthday so I’m somewhere on Ashton Lane at this point in time (I hope…). Our decorations are going up today too (Tuesday 1st) so I am excited for that.


Anyway, you’ll no doubt hear from me later with an update about the night out!

Hope December treats you all well!

Ktkinnes xxxx