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Yet another 9am class skipped… This time it was a tutorial where no attendance is taken and you basically sit in groups talking about problems you have. Needless to say, with my brilliant work ethic last week, I hadn’t done the set work. So I decided I deserved to lie in bed for 2 hours instead 🙂

I’m now up and through the shower, debating drinking tea and phoning home. Mum will be in work so there’s at least that saving grace but part of me feels I should speak to her. I’m undecided though, might speak to dad and see if he can tell me where all that came from last night.
I’m also trying to think of something different to make for dinner and lunch over the next while. I’ve managed to scrape together a plan for this week but only just. In fact if it wasn’t for the fact that I have Rory coming down this weekend, I would probably be living off takeaways.

After a few days of not watching it, I’m quickly watching some criminal minds. Need to start back into all my shows again!
Speak soon 🙂
Ktkinnes xxx


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