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An update

Good evening! Or morning…. I can’t decide which this counts as.
My cousin has been and gone in a whirlwind 24 hours. As planned, Thursday I went to my lectures, caught up on one subject, got one homework done and had a decent dinner. Friday brought about a 2 hour tidy and cleaning session of my room before hitting the shops with Jason. Needless to say I wasted more money on clothes and Christmas and also some makeup. I then met Rory off his bus before dinner and the pub. Everything was going well until someone started us on jaeger bombs in between pints of beer… It was at that point I decided to abandoned Rory at the flat so that I could go to Viper, a club nearby. It was a great night and I don’t think he minded being left – it wasn’t as if I didn’t try to find him ID to come with us… (He’s only 17)

Today he had the university’s open day so we both ended up wandering around the university for 5 hours. Eventually he was put on a bus and sent home.
Tonight was then a chill night. I phoned one of my grannies so that I could honestly say I’d spoken to them both this week. After that I had dinner and put on a wash before face timing Nikki in California. 2 hours later I left her in peace to get some work done and that was when I started being really productive. Not the productive I need to be but I did practice my Halloween makeup and nail polish, I found some great lighting for taking selfies at my desk, and I learnt that my hair is long enough to tie in a French plait.


The flat above us seem to be having a party and is so noisy. I’m dying to sleep for ages but doubt I’ll get to sleep anytime soon.
Jason has tonsillitis again. Need to remind him to go to the doctors on Monday, he’s had some sort of throat pain for almost 2 weeks now with no sign of it getting any better.

Mary’s sister is here for the weekend and has been great fun 🙂 Mary’s wrist is still sore so not sure how next weekend will be when we go out for Halloween…

Nuala is her usual self, popular and happy (or seeming to be…). 

I love our flat 🙂 I miss Cairncross at times but I wouldn’t change this for anything. It feels like a proper home.
Night guys, sleep well,

Ktkinnes xxxx


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The Apprentice (UK of course…)

Tonight brought about episode 3 of the new series of The Apprentice here in the UK. Lord Alan Sugar arranged for the two teams to split in two again to commence their Treasure Hunt Shopping List Challenge, the reason being they were to buy both in Calais and England! 

The teams were given the evening before travel to decide who would go to France and who was staying behind before also allocating the items between the group. The boys of Team Versatile took the tactical decision to send French speakers across the water and allowed for movement. The girls, on the other hand, split in two teams and had very little discussion as to what was being purchased where.
We settled down to watch as a flat, and we had invited Connel over too (if he ever reads this, hi Connel!). In the 5 minutes leading up to the show, hot chocolate was made, popcorn was shoved in the microwave and I had a pudding that strangely resembled Christmas Pudding (shhh…). Once it started, we took up positions on the sofas and wrapped ourselves in blankets.
I won’t go into too much detail about the task in case I ruin it for anyone watching on BBC iPlayer. All I would say is we were hoping for a double elimination. 
Today was my first near breakdown about uni work and it made me realise how little I did last year. No matter how hard I try to stay on top of the work, it just seems to be piling up with no end in sight. Whilst talking to my physics lab partner about the deadlines, we realised that I have a seminar presentation and an 800 word essay due on November 11th – the same day as my physics class test which contributes 15% to my overall grade. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem except there isn’t physically enough time for me to make it from my seminar to physics on time for this class test which leaves me in the awkward position of having to leave the seminar early. Yes I should’ve been more aware of the dates when I was choosing my seminar presentation but someone had to take that specific one and I was the 3rd last to sign up. On top of this though, I also have a Maths Feedback Homework that contributes to my overall grade due for the exact same day and is only given to us on November 9th. Finally, I have two literature reports to hand in on November 13th for Physics. 

Needless to say I began to panic because somewhere in there I need to start actually revising for exams and I am trying to socialise more this year but in a more controlled way.

Tonight after dinner I started my research for my seminar paper. If I can get that prepared then I don’t have to look at it again until the night before. Once I do that I will then start on the physics revision. So much to do and so little time and on top of it I am exhausted! But at the same time really wanting to find someone to just hang out with or go out with or something. #foreveralone…..
Anyway I am going to sleep now that there is a clear path from my bed to my door and to my desk. Tomorrow, Operation Guests Coming will spring into action with the initial attack of emptying my bin. Wish me luck!!
Ktkinnes xxx

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Habitat for Humanity

Well today hasn’t been a disaster of a day. Although I didn’t make it to Maths or Physics, and our Fundamentals of Education lecturer didn’t show up, I did come back and get some work done. After a while of working on Physics questions because the Maths was impossible to do due to the fact that I haven’t been to any of the lectures. Yes I am slightly concerned that the hand in homework is important but I am not worried enough to do it tonight.

Instead I watched Greys Anatomy with Mary over lunch. Nuala came in during it and watched the end. Maybe when her essay has been submitted I can persuade her to watch the first few episodes… Have we got a new fan of Shonda’s weekly torture??
After this we did our usual weekly shop and then I cooked my first ever roast dinner! Jason and Mary joined me for it but unfortunately Nuala couldn’t as the turkey was already stuffed with non-gluten-free stuffing. Apparently they enjoyed it but I wasn’t over fussed about whether or not I ate it.

After dinner I mainly just watched Criminal Minds and sat on Facebook but this brings me to my main reason for this post.

I understand you don’t know me or my sister or anything about us really except for what I write in this blog. However, Rachel is currently fundraising to travel to Romania for Habitat for Humanity. Across Eastern Europe many families are living in crumbling apartment blocks from the communist area. One third of Poles live in poor housing and 35 percent of Romanian homes are in urgent need of repair. In Romania Habitat NI is supporting building homes and community development projects for vulnerable groups in Episcopia and Commanesti.

Rachel is going to Romania in July 2016 with her school for Habitat for Humanity. There will be a group of twenty of them building houses for families. We would both really really appreciate it if you could donate? She needs to raise around £1550 and the last time I checked, she had managed to raise £345. If you would be so kind as to help out, you can find the link here. I’ve also included a link to the charity’s blog. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me or comment or anything.

Also, I would appreciate any suggestions you may have as to how else to fundraise. Currently, Rachel is planning on going to a car boot sale, doing a bake sale in the church, selling sweets in school, a pub quiz at our rugby club and possibly a danceathon. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Ktkinnes xxx

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Yet another 9am class skipped… This time it was a tutorial where no attendance is taken and you basically sit in groups talking about problems you have. Needless to say, with my brilliant work ethic last week, I hadn’t done the set work. So I decided I deserved to lie in bed for 2 hours instead 🙂 
I’m now up and through the shower, debating drinking tea and phoning home. Mum will be in work so there’s at least that saving grace but part of me feels I should speak to her. I’m undecided though, might speak to dad and see if he can tell me where all that came from last night.
I’m also trying to think of something different to make for dinner and lunch over the next while. I’ve managed to scrape together a plan for this week but only just. In fact if it wasn’t for the fact that I have Rory coming down this weekend, I would probably be living off take aways. 
After a few days of not watching it, I’m quickly watching some criminal minds. Need to start back into all my shows again!
Speak soon 🙂
Ktkinnes xxx

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Sunday Blues


Unfortunately, this post marks the end of the weekend. I think it’s safe to say that Sober October is over for me. Between the Wine Society and LGBTQ and then a weekend with family, I think I need to take my liver out, wring it out and put it back in again. Friday saw me playing Risk against my cousins and completely annihilating them all. Dinner came and then we basically sat talking the rest of the night. TFI Friday started up again so we watched it too. It was pretty good. Yesterday, my aunt and I went shopping. I don’t even feel guilty for spending £180 on clothes.

I have started my Christmas shopping and am trying to figure out what to buy everyone. Any suggestions for 3 different women aged 49, 74 and 84? I can’t think of anything different. There are the obvious bath things or sweets or pjs but I just wanted to do something different. Although, right now, I don’t particularly feel like buying Mum anything for birthday or Christmas. After a rather embarrassing rugby match between Ireland and Argentina, Mary, Nuala and I got pizza so I didn’t phone then. We then chose to eat and talk instead of watching the Scotland match but I kept track of the score. Five minutes after the match ended, Mum phoned and started complaining that recently she’s always the one to phone me. I think she may have forgotten that I called on Wednesday and Thursday? After speaking to them on Tuesday as well? Oh and I phoned from my Aunt’s house phone yesterday. So of course it’s only been her calling recently… But it ended with her getting more and more annoyed and telling me that she shouldn’t have bothered phoning and she might as well hang up. To which I replied “Fine, hang up if you want to, doesn’t bother me”. She actually did hang up then. That ruined what had been a really good day and a brilliant weekend. I had been ready to talk to her properly and chat about everything but she came on the phone in a bad mood and showed no sign of wanting that to change so I am now past the point of even caring if I speak to her or not. But that in a nutshell is why she is not currently getting any christmas presents or birthday presents.

Dreading classes tomorrow. With my multiple hangovers last week, I skipped a lot of lectures and don’t expect to follow what is going on in the classes. What doesn’t help is I just haven’t done any of the tutorial questions for tomorrow morning’s 9am tutorial. I might just ‘forget’ it and do some online shopping. So far for christmas we have a table cloth, napkins and a wreath. Only reason I am going to physics tomorrow is I need to see one of the guys who was at LGBTQ on Wednesday and ask him if he enjoyed polo.

Well I am going to go and waste more money!


Ktkinnes xxx

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Weekend Getaway

Dundee here I come! What a week. Any routine I originally had went completely out the window, as did my work ethic.

Monday night I went to the Wine Society for the first time. We “tasted” 8 different wines from the Americas, starting with a sparkling white and finishing on a bottle of red worth £30. Now considering we paid £10 for our ticket and ended up drinking approximately 2 and a half bottles of wine each, it really wasn’t a surprise when I woke up on Tuesday morning with a hangover. 

This of course meant I didn’t bother with lectures on Tuesday, and it also means I have to copy up. However, Tuesday night saw Nuala going on her first ever date!!! I’m going to assume it went well considering the next day we woke up to find said date in the kitchen in his boxers… Wednesday came and I went to all my classes, yes actually all 4 of them! I was in from 9 until 5… Not a very pleasant experience… In our physics labs at the minute we are working on something called MatLab. Please don’t ask what it is or anything because I really have no idea. It’s some sort of computerised programme that is apparently useful for physics. All I know is – computers and this programme hate me. 

Wednesday night I actually went to the LGBTQ+ event! It was a Scene Tour of Glasgow, we went around all the gay bars and clubs except for one so we gave up and went to Polo instead. I think it’s safe to say that between Monday and Wednesday, my sober October plans have been destroyed. Every bar we went to have us free shots (yes, multiple each) and all double vodka and orange drinks were £3 so needless to say I then spent Thursday morning in bed with a hangover.

 Yesterday was slightly more productive though. I bought 2 Christmas presents which is better than nothing! And then I met Mary and Nuala to buy Halloween decorations for the party we are throwing. It was good fun and put us all in great moods! Then was a friend’s birthday party… Needless to say I didn’t drink at all and made my excuses to crawl back to bed.

And now that you’re up to date I can tell you that the woman on the bus seat behind me is sitting with her shoes off and her bare feet are on the arm rest of my seat, it’s rather disturbing. We’ve only been travelling for about 15 minutes but I am considering going back to sleep.

My cold is almost gone! But on Wednesday night I walked into the side of a skip and have now bruised and cut my arm… No idea why it hurts this much but there’s always something, am I right?
Hope you’re all well! 
Ktkinnes xxx