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Getting bored

Everyone gets bored at some stage, don’t deny it. In fact that’s maybe why some of you joined WordPress to begin with as so many forums suggest that starting a blog might be a way to combat your boredom. Well this morning I am bored of my breakfast.

For almost 2 weeks now it has been the same:

  • Half an apple
  • 100ml of natural yoghurt
  • 25g pumpkin seeds

I’ve enjoyed the flavour and I don’t mind making it but I am so so bored of it. However until this week’s shopping budget runs out, I’m stuck with it. No one is making me eat it but I can’t bring myself to have toast for breakfast anymore. This at least fills me up and does from 7:30 until 1:30 when I get lunch. Toast wouldn’t do that.
So basically I’m here to ask for advice – what should I have instead? Thanks in advance!
Ktkinnes xxx


Hey :) I'm 24, from Northern Ireland and no longer new to blogging. I love all things TV, books, food, music and film as well as going out with friends. This is hopefully somewhere you'll be able to come if you feel you need a laugh or even just to stay in touch. Life can be hard and confusing, so

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  1. I’m personally a big fan of porridge with golden syrup and chopped bananas at the moment. It’s so cheap and quick to make! I also like having scrambled eggs on some form of toasted bread – with salmon if I’m feeling particularly decadent.

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