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Should I get up?

Don’t go to the pub to watch a rugby match… Last night after a semi successful flat dinner (8-10 minutes in the oven wasn’t long enough when it’s fully reheating) we walked the less than 5 minutes to our nearest pub to watch England stuff Fiji.

This was a great plan until I decided to drink beer! Beer goes to my head faster than any other alcohol and so after 2 pints I was on my way to being drunk. Holding out until the end of the match, I then slowly made my way back to the flat with a portion of cheesy chips and collapsed into bed after eating them. This was bliss! Until the other flatmates got back at 12:30am… Definite I couldn’t be asleep yet, they had no volume control. After I got up and went to join them, they fell asleep on the sofas in the living room – I don’t think I’ll be seeing them until after lunch today!

It seems like a waste of a day but I am currently lying in bed debating whether or not to get up. I got up at 9 and put the heating on but now I’m comfy and warm and unsure of whether it would be worth it if I got out of bed… What do you think?
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