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How to spend an afternoon

Hey there everyone! Wait a few days for a post and a couple come along at once, sorry. I thought I would update you all on life.
Dieting still going well, or should I say – healthier eating plan still going well. The minute it’s called a diet it becomes a chore and I can’t continue because I put a mental block on it.
This afternoon I introduced Jason to the wonder that is Les Miserables. He’s now in bed watching a film to cheer himself up. I on the other hand chose to talk to you.
A few posts ago, I mentioned a book I was reading – Tapas, Carrot Cake and a Corpse. Having finished this book I thought I should let you know my opinions.
Set in an English town but written by an American author, this wasn’t a bad read. I wouldn’t rush to recommend it but as it was being sold for my favourite price on Amazon kindle I thought to pot, I’ll read it. Light with a good bit of humour, the actual crime story seemed to be forgotten about in the mix of introducing dozens of characters and their backgrounds. However it made it easy to remember who each person was. The crime part itself was a tad obvious but I don’t know if that’s simply because I read a lot of these sorts of books? To finish off, it lists the actual recipes mentioned throughout the book – I might have to give them a try!
I’m now back in bed watching Doc Martin to catch up on last night’s episode. Hope you’re all having a great afternoon!
Ktkinnes xxx

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That Sunday feeling…

Even though it’s Tuesday…

Last night we went out for a flat dinner and my brilliant flatmates had organised a belated surprise birthday party for when we got back! All our old flatmates came round and a few brought new friends for us to meet and it was brilliant. I hadn’t realised how much I missed everyone!

Yesterday was also quite productive. I had a meeting with my Advisor of Studies and finally got enrolled!!! Doesn’t my timetable look pretty?

Semester 2 is even less busy. However my darling mother still thinks I’m doing astronomy… Any advice on how to tell her I’m not?

I also made a to do list that I can change regularly! My favourite part is the turtle to be honest  

The plan for that is to stick my things to do on with post its and then once the list is complete I can see that I’m done! So as you can see, yesterday’s list was completely cleared.

Mission New Flat =New Beginnings has actually been okay so far. Fruit and water and green tea for breakfast, soup or a sandwich for lunch…. Can’t really say dinner has gone well but it’s not my fault that we went out last night! And although I didn’t get my yoga done, I ended up going for a few walks yesterday so that counts – right? And the solution to those afternoon cravings for crisps or chocolate or something? Coffee. Plain black filter coffee from my delightful coffee machine. However I don’t want to think about the calories consumed through alcohol last night…

Today I have no desire to get out of bed. Fresher’s Fayre is on so I can go sign up for all the clubs and societies I want to join! But it’s also on tomorrow so I might just hide in bed all day today…
How about you, any plans for today? Also, please please please send advice on how to tell my mum! Would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks again for reading and following!
Ktkinnes xxx