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A better day!

Today was actually good!

I woke up and was washed and dressed and ready for the day by 10am. Katie arrived around 10:30 for coffee and it was great to see her again, just wish we’d talked more! She then left and I was free to do whatever I wanted i.e. have lunch whilst watching 24 and researching how to fake still being at uni when you’ve been chucked out.

This research however seems to possibly have been unnecessary! I received an email from my adviser basically saying I should change my degree etc and that it would be okay – at least that’s what I took from it. Would you agree?

So this cheered me up quite a bit. If I drop astronomy, I can take Fundamentals of Education – a course I would be really interested in! Just need to persuade them to accept me…

To top off this day, Doc Martin has started back! Martin Clunes acts a GP with a personality problem in a small fishing village. His character brings humour to the show by simply not knowing how to act in social situations, people skills weren’t at the top of his CV… Doc Martin brings back memories of the first few times I was allowed to stay up past my bedtime. I was allowed to sit quietly watching it with a cut up apple and a glass of water on the condition that Rachel wasn’t told – being 3 years younger she wasn’t old enough to stay up past 9 o’clock.

I’m now going to sleep with a positive attitude! Goodnight!
Ktkinnes xxx



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