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This morning’s positive vibe wasn’t exactly a brilliant indicator as to how the day would go but as days go, I’ve definitely had worse.

After my morning yoga, I went downstairs to a reasonably healthy breakfast and then had a productive morning changing my address for different things. Later in the morning I was asked to phone Granny H. When after an hour of trying her there was still no answer, I began to panic. Most people would when their 75 year old Granny doesn’t answer the phone during her usual lunch time! Especially if said Granny never misses a meal in her life. So after trying unsuccessfully for quite some time, mum gave in and phoned her sister hoping someone had heard from Granny. The answer came back negative however there was suddenly the suggestion that she may have gone to a later church service. This turned out to be the case but she has been chastised for saying she would phone in the morning and then not phoning and not letting anyone know why she wouldn’t be answering her phones. You don’t do that when there’s been a recent death in the family!
This afternoon both grannies came for an afternoon and their Sunday dinner but what neither of them had been told was that it was an early birthday party dinner for me – even I wasn’t told! Rachel came out of the kitchen after a lovely meal carrying a delicious looking cake, and when I cut into it, all these sweets spilled out onto the plate! It was delightful and completely unexpected.

The evening finished off with both grannies leaving and just the 4 of us sitting watching 24 (they’re finally into the 2nd half of season 6!! Just as I start season 9…) before bed.
Katie’s coming for coffee tomorrow morning so we’ll see how well this goes. Haven’t seen her since March and we didn’t really part on good terms… But hopefully it will be a good day!

Today’s main goals of reducing the amount of sugar in my diet kind of went out the window what with alcohol and cake however I managed to achieve a few of today’s goals! Let’s just hope tomorrow goes to plan too.
Good night! Thanks for reading
Ktkinnes xxx

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Tapas, carrot cake and a corpse, and 7 minutes yoga for beginners

A rather long title!

This morning I have been unable to sleep for quite some time after a disturbing dream and so I decided to read until now. Whilst I am currently reading Les Miserables, it wasn’t the sort of book I wanted to read at 7am and so I decided to start Tapas, Carrot Cake and a Corpse by Sherri Bryan. I’m currently 52% through the book and am enjoying it but am actually surprised that where I am in the book is considered the middle! It seems the plot took a while to start, however it is really light and easy to read. Will let you know how I feel about it later when I’ve finished it!

At 8:45 I decided it was time for my new yoga routine. It does as it says – 7 minutes for beginners. An easy guide on how to get into the positions and an update wall that records the days when you complete the full exercise, hopefully soon I will progress to just 7 minutes of yoga! It sounds stupid but my outlook on today has already improved.
Hope Sunday is good to you today!
Ktkinnes xxx