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October’s here? Already? Seems like only yesterday I was writing Wake Me Up…┬áto mark the start of September.

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Another Monday draws to a close, it hasn’t been too unsuccessful! Maths tutorial this morning I actually made friends with people! That may sound pathetic but I find it really difficult to make friends and so this was quite a big achievement. Also that fact that I even made it to that 9am lecture was a success! I didn’t get to sleep until after midnight last night due to yet more creepy criminal minds episodes.

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How to spend an afternoon

Hey there everyone! Wait a few days for a post and a couple come along at once, sorry. I thought I would update you all on life.
Dieting still going well, or should I say – healthier eating plan still going well. The minute it’s called a diet it becomes a chore and I can’t continue because I put a mental block on it.

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That Sunday feeling…

Even though it’s Tuesday…

Last night we went out for a flat dinner and my brilliant flatmates had organised a belated surprise birthday party for when we got back! All our old flatmates came round and a few brought new friends for us to meet and it was brilliant. I hadn’t realised how much I missed everyone!

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