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An afternoon in prison…

As the title would suggest, I spent the afternoon in prison – Crumlin Road Gaol (pronounced “jail”, I didn’t even know it was spelt that way!) 

Sitting after lunch, mum, dad and I were trying to think of something different to do and so decided to book some last minute tickets for a guided tour. A quick change of clothes and off we drove towards Belfast. As we began to get close, the heavens opened and I swear the rain was almost biblical in the way it was falling. We waited until it had eased off to a steady downpour and then went inside to the tour starting point. As we were a tad early, we decided to have a look around the gift shop. On our way out, in walked Simon Calder – the English travel writer and broadcaster who is currently senior travel editor for The Independent newspaper! Well this was going to be an interesting tour.

Our guide, Harry, showed us into the room where he gave the usual health and safety talks and then we started on our way. To quote our knowledgable guide “it’s hard to name a Northern Ireland politician who hasn’t spent time in Crumlin Road Gaol”. 
The tour lasted about 90 minutes and we finished off back at the gift shop. I won’t ruin the history, you can look it up for yourself! All I will say is that it is definitely worth a visit. So if you’re ever in the area, pop in and give it a chance! I, personally, would be going back for their ghost tour or the Halloween tour. 

Three floors of cells in each wing

So that was how I spent my bank holiday Monday. Rachel is back in school in the morning and no I am not going in with her – this blogger needs her beauty sleep!
Hope you all had a great day whatever you got/get up to!
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The Script

As last night’s blog said, Rachel and I went to see Jack Savoretti, Clean Bandit, Annie Mac, Kodaline and The Script.

Not really sure of who he was, Jack Savoretti’s music was pleasant to listen to and to pretend to dance to. In the sweltering 19 degrees Celsius heat of Boucher Road Playing Fields, Rachel and I sat sunbathing and enjoying his acoustic tunes. For a man who will be 32 in just over a month, he was good at what he does but in my mind looked a lot older than 32! Or is that me being unfair? Savoretti came on stage early and played for about half an hour before thanking us and leaving the stage to be prepared for the next act.

As time progressed, the sound and lighting was tested again and eventually out came Clean Bandit. At least this time I knew the music! A lot of the crowd stood and danced to this, with me and Rachel ending up on the screen a few times for our dancing skills! Good music and a fun dance routine, I can’t decide who enjoyed it more – the band members or the audience! Definitely 10 out of 10 for this act. Once again, they finished up after around half an hour and then we were left waiting for another 20 minutes or so.

Annie Mac is not my type of thing. Fair enough, she did a good job of mixing the songs but it reminded me of being in a club and let’s face it you need to be drunk for that music constant for an hour. Rachel enjoyed it however and at the end I spotted a few people from school that I went and said hello to. After an hour the bass finally ended and I was allowed a bit of time to recover. During this time we made friends with the girls in front of us and behind us.

Forty minutes later and Kodaline came on. Thinking I didn’t know them, I wasn’t looking forward to it but turned out I knew quite a few songs! Again, another great set and by this stage the sun was setting on a happy crowd. 10 out of 10 would go again to see them!

Eventually, the event we’d all been waiting for, The Script entered from behind the crowds who were cheering and calling for attention. A fantastic show. Danny and the rest of the band really knew how to keep us listening and belting out the well known songs. It was with a smile that we all left the field at around 10:30. I didn’t want to leave but it will definitely be a night to remember.

If you ever get the chance to see any of the acts, do it. No questions asked. I’d give my left arm to go back and see them all all over again (I need my right arm to write with etc, sorry!)

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