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Getting Even With Dad

This 1994 film had been on Channel 5 a few weeks back so I taped it to see what it was like. Having received only 4.5 out of 10 on IMDb, I wasn’t expecting much. However this light hearted family film was a good way to spend a Sunday night. Okay I don’t have work or school or uni in the morning but I do enjoy a relaxing Sunday night either way!

So dad and I settled down with a few chocolate bars and sweets between us to watch it while mum and Rachel were out. Dad’s opinion of the film? Answer: “Yeah, it’s fine”. That’s always his answer about anything though so I wouldn’t put much thought into it.

As the cute child of conman Ray, Macaulay  Culkin acts Timmy – a boy who only wants his dad’s attention. However his dad is in the middle of pulling off a robbery and doesn’t need a kid around to distract him. Throughout the film, Ray’s colleagues end up in stupid situations similar to the slap stick comedy associated with Home Alone. Once again, the theme of a young boy just wanting a family comes out to play. Quick question though, did all boys wear their hair that long in the 90s? I know I’m not interested in them but I swear if guys still wore their hair like that it would be enough to put me off them for the rest of my life. Ironic really when I prefer girls with long hair… Ah well, back to the review.

Ever so slightly predictable and yet definitely enjoyable, I would give this a score of 8 out of 10. Remembering it’s made in the 90s, you have to be fair to them. Scripts, actors and technology have improved but I wouldn’t change anything about this film. So give it a go!

Ktkinnes xx

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I finally got to play Sims today!! Only for 5 minutes but that will change soon hopefully…
Sorry for not being on much at the minute. I’m still sleeping for at least 10 hours to catch up on sleep but we’re on the final count down to Glasgow. Jumpers are packed, boots are to be sorted and the rain coats are sitting waiting to go in the car. But at least I’ve got new pillows! 
So what has everyone been up to?
Ktkinnes xx