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Crumlin Road Gaol: An afternoon in prison…

As the title would suggest, I spent the afternoon in prison – Crumlin Road Gaol (pronounced “jail”, I didn’t even know it was spelt that way!)

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School bag in hand, she leaves home in the early morning….

With so many kids back to school today, it’s normal to feel a little nostalgic. Ha! I can’t wait to get back to bed! Who needs the school bell, or the rules and regulations? Or  even just the horrible thought of a knee length maroon skirt and the grey tights that hide all remnants of the tan you got at the end of June.

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With Rachel going back to school today, Dad and I are dropping her into school. I don’t miss that place at all. Used to love it but now there’s the freedom to wake up and throw on sweatpants and a hoodie over pjs so that you can go straight back to bed!

With back to school, there’s a bit more of a routine in again. Dinner at set times, cleaning on a specific day, silence in the house because there’s no one left to talk to (bliss).

Now that that’s done and Rachel is in school, it’s time for me to go back to bed. Speak sometime soon!
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The Housewife Assassin’s Relationship Survival Guide

Finished my seventh book of the summer!! Book 4 in The Housewife Assassin series was another light read and very easy to follow. Even if you hadn’t read the others, this story is easy to pick up as the basics are covered again at the beginning of each book. This post contains affiliate links.

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Packing, Golf, and more Ramblings of a Student

Monday’s Motivation
Golf presentations are boring. I realised this as I sat for an hour at Lisburn Golf Club listening to the Juvenile Prize Distribution. Rachel has been a member for 2 years now and while she enjoys playing, she doesn’t enjoy competitions. So why on earth I am sitting through a prize day for her when she hasn’t won anything isn’t exactly clear. Stronger language would’ve been used there but I think it’s frowned on… But, sticking true to our penguin friend up at the top of the post, we must persevere. This is also true of packing… This post contains affiliate links. For more information, please read my disclaimer.

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Getting Even With Dad

Getting Even With Dad Movie Poster

Getting Even With Dad (1994) had been on Channel 5 a few weeks back so I taped it to see what it was like. Having received only 4.5 out of 10 on IMDb, I wasn’t expecting much. However this light hearted family film was a good way to spend a Sunday night. Okay I don’t have work or school or uni in the morning but I do enjoy a relaxing Sunday night either way!

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Change of plan – Again!

Well the boyfriend is no longer going to Newcastle for university – he got into Glasgow through clearing! Lucky duck in my mind…. Now if he’d like to pay me the £95 I’ve lost on non refundable flight tickets I would greatly appreciate that.

Now I’ve to think of another birthday present for her. Not exactly an easy thing to do.

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I’m back

Sorry for leaving you all for so long, dad’s uncle died hours after my post “First day of summer”  and it hit harder than any of us expected to. The last week and a half have been hectic and to clear our heads we went away for a while.

Today is the GCSE results day and Rachel got her results – 5A*s and 5 As! Cheeky little madam did better than me… Although she did get a tutor… Should tutors be allowed? And should there be so many different boards for exams? I don’t know *sighs*

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