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A silent household

Well with the failed appeal for comments I shall assume that no one overly minds my constant rambles so I shall continue 😊

I am hungry. Not in the “oh good, dinner will be soon so I’ll wait” kind of way but in the “shall I eat a pizza or a tub of pringles?” way. We’re having chilli tonight! So excited for the spicy beef and kidney beans and rice… Maybe add some Doritos… But no. The diet shall be stuck to. No snacking between meals, no unnecessary alcohol (because yes there is such a thing as necessary alcohol) and absolutely no crisps. They’re my weakness.


Baron is a clingy child today, think he’s worried he’ll be sent back to the kennels. I did miss him though. His little fluffy face and brown eyes that follow every move you make.


There’s not much really on my mind today. Not yet anyway. Mum and Dad are back to usual so this is a delightful time to be home. I’m considering moving to Glasgow as soon as possible but unsure who to stay with or what good it would do. Apart from being good for my mental health, I don’t think there’d be any changes at home. Shame really.
But for now, I shall sit in silence and watch TV. Speak soon!

Ktkinnes xxx



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