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A busy day!

Good evening fellow bloggers! A warm welcome to darlydarly and Amy Wong, both of whom started to follow me this morning.

Tonight is a little different to this time last year. This time last year I was drinking in the garden with my mum, celebrating the night before the holiday. I then proceeded to watch 3 hours of Orange is the New Black instead of sleeping before the flight. Somehow I have the feeling that’s how I will be spending the next few nights but I shall swap OITNB for 24 as I hope to have finished season 6 before we go. Apparently the family have placed bets on what my first drink will be when we get to the hotel.

Last year, I made it my goal to try every cocktail on the menu however this lasted 3 nights before I discovered the mojito. This was no ordinary mojito, it was a “special mojito” – one of the waiters actually called it that. Turned out the waiter I went out with a few times was the cocktail chef (is that what you call them?) and so my mojitos slowly became more and more alcoholic. This not only made them better and better but I loved the mint and lime mixed together. However I doubt at 10:30am I shall be ordering alcohol. 
Tomorrow marks my granny’s 84th birthday so we are taking her for lunch to a restaurant in Lisburn city centre called Angelo’s, I’ll place a review here tomorrow! 84 is a marvellous age to reach in my opinion, even with the population living longer. My aunt’s father-in-law celebrated his 99th birthday on 30th June, 99 years old!! Not long now until he gets a birthday card from the Queen! I find age such a strange thing to celebrate. Why celebrate the day you were forced out of a warm, safe environment and into the world here? Silly I know but occasionally I think about it like that. 
To round off, I’m going back in a loop to the holiday and all the last minute shopping required for it. I am working every day this week until we fly out so have been panic packing the last few mornings. Driving into the centre, paying the car parking fees and wrestling against the bustling crowd, I have hunted high and low for my remaining shopping items. Okay, let’s be serious, Lisburn isn’t exactly busy and there aren’t that many shops. However, when you’re trying to pack for a holiday and find yourself in Boots for the 5th day in a row, you begin to dislike anyone who happens to be in your way. Today was an example of this. Boots seems to have become my home from home, I’m in every day to get something I forgot the day before. Checking things off my list, I gradually made my way to the counter to find only one till was open and the queue was to the middle of the shop. Now, working in a shop myself, I felt sorry for the poor woman sitting at the till, watching as more and more people get gradually more and more impatient with her. Unfortunately, I found myself getting increasingly impatient as the woman in front of me hmmed and hahed about whether or not she wanted to go back for the 3rd item in her 3 for 2 offer, and I didn’t hide it overly well. Eventually I got out of the shop, swearing I wasn’t going anywhere near it again until after the holidays only to realise I’d forgotten to buy Veet. “Stuff it,” I mumbled to my dad, who had kindly driven me in due to the lack of car. We proceeded to the bank where we then queued for another 20 minutes for me to simply tell them there might be a possibility of me using my card abroad (unlikely due to the lack of funds but ah well) and after was a quick dash to the beauticians for an eyebrow wax. 
So all in all, it was a productive day! What did you get up to? How was the hottest day of the year with you? Speak soon!
Ktkinnes xx 

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Welcome, thanks and a little more

Good morning and welcome to my new followers – Kendall F. Person, belindacrane and axewane! I’ve always loved waking up to new followers. 

I realised today that, compared to last year, my posts have been quite calm and not exactly thought provoking so I began to think about this. 

Yesterday on my break from work, I decided to watch Supernanny USA. For anyone who is unaware, Supernanny is about a woman – Jo Frost – who goes into peoples’ homes (invited of course) to help them learn to control their misbehaving children and sometimes her help is needed to fix communication problems within a family. Definitely worth a watch if you can, it’s shown on DMAX on Sky channel 144.

This particular episode featured a 25 year old mum of 2 boys who was living at home with her parents and no sign of the boys’ dad. As usual, Jo got to work pretty fast and seemed to be able to reach the family but what struck her was the lack of gratitude the young mother showed towards her parents, who were essentially bringing up these two boys without any help. This angered Jo so much, she took the woman to a homeless shelter to try and let her see just how lucky she was. With this technique not being at all successful, the woman was given a blank desk calendar where she was to write something she was grateful for her parents doing. (Taking a quick break to apologise for my use of the English language, that sentence sounds clumsy.) She reduced her own mum to tears when this young grandmother realised that her daughter did appreciate the help and love showed to her. This is the part that got to me.

All the time, celebrities and non-celebs alike, celebrate and give thanks for their mums. We have Mother’s Day every year, which normally leads to a panic buy because what can you get for someone who not only has everything but is also kind of fussy! But it got me thinking, does my mum realise how much she actually means to me and my sister?

Rachel and Mum always argue. They’re too similar. It doesn’t help that Rachel is a daddy’s girl and so will always jump to his defence when our parents disagree. This leads to mum calling me her favourite and she phones me every day when I’m away at university. Don’t get me wrong, I love her, but what do I have to talk about every day? “Yes, today I went to my lectures, no they weren’t different to yesterday’s… Will probably watch a season of 24 in the next 2 days…” But I still would miss her if anything happened to her. The death of a close family friend on Father’s Day reminded us of seven years ago when Mum’s dad died. Both then and now, I don’t think it’s properly sunk in yet. When Papa died, it took me a few months to actually realise what had happened. While the rest of my family are religious, I confess myself on the atheist side of agnostic. This makes it difficult for me when someone dies. The funeral is full of well wishers saying “They’re with God now” or “They’re all partying in Heaven and looking down on us” but these really mean nothing to me. As a result, I tend to dislike funerals and have a strange mourning process. 

Wow that turned depressing really quickly, sorry! Just to finish, I’ll leave you with three suggestions

  1. Watch Supernanny, either the UK or USA version, and enjoy watching a different sort of reality TV
  2. Go to YouTube and listen to Taylor Swift’s Best Day whilst watching the official video – it’s made up of her home videos as she grew up
  3. Maybe read Elsewhere. It was a book I read years ago and plan on rereading over the summer. I’ll let you look into it but it’s basically about life after death.

So with that and a rumbling tummy, I shall go and get some breakfast. Only 4 more sleeps until Ibiza!
Thanks for reading 🙂 and remember to comment below, tweet me or email me! 🙂

Ktkinnes xxx