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Remember me?

Hello again friends! First, I must apologise for the complete lack of posts in the last 10 months. Ibiza was amazing, I got into University of Glasgow and am now nearly finished my first year – scary stuff! We’re on the exam count down which means everyone is getting busy with revision and the usual panics so I thought I’d share with you a little word of advice – when you begin to panic, take long deep breaths until you calm down.

Last month a friend of a friend came to visit us all in halls so, as you would expect, we went clubbing. It was brilliant, everyone was having a laugh and even those of us who aren’t keen on clubs were actually enjoying ourselves! Until this friend of a friend realised she felt really sick and came to the conclusion her drink had been spiked. Two of us bundled her into a taxi and told her she’d be home soon and could sleep off whatever was wrong with her. This was working fine until she started to have a panic attack because she was scared. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m willing to help anyone, my Flatmates refer to me as Mother, but in that moment I had no idea what to do other than get her to sit and breathe slowly and deeply. In the end, everything turned out fine. She hadn’t been spiked, just hadn’t realised how drunk she was. So after that experience I had learnt two lessons:

  1. If you start to panic, breathe slowly and deeply until you have calmed down.
  2. Watch how much you’re drinking so you don’t become a mess in front of people you’ve never met before.

To finish off, I just wanted to say thanks again for starting off reading my ramblings in the first place and sorry again for leaving for so long. Have a great day whatever you get up to! Ktkinnes xx