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What can we learn?

Well another day over and another day closer to going on holiday! Can’t wait! Finished packing today only to find I’m over the baggage limit so at least I know there’s one thing I need to do in the morning. That pretty much took up most of my day really so at 4 I settled down to watch an episode of Orange is the New Black – season 1 episode 9 to be exact. Still only half way through it but what struck me in the first half hour was when we saw young Alex being bullied by the girls in school for what she’s wearing.

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Breakfast menu

So as usual coming down to breakfast I decided not to have the usual toast etc but wanted something more substantial. That’s when I remembered my favourite recipe out of The Student Cookbook. This is a brilliant help for those of us who aren’t culinarily talented and trying to work with a budget. The pancakes I made today were lovely; warm and fresh with a little bit of lemon juice over them but you can try them any way you like. Somehow I always manage to make 10 though so there are some left over for a bedtime snack tonight and breakfast tomorrow. What’s your favourite breakfast treat?

Basic Pancake Recipe

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Morning thoughts

Mornings are always the time when I think most clearly it seems, whether it’s 2am or 10am. This morning when I woke I had another of those moments when you’re unsure as to what day it is or the time and that got me thinking – why do we care about what day it is? What makes a Tuesday slightly better than a Monday even if what you’re doing that day if the exact same? And if the sun is up and bright, should we not ignore our body clocks and get up with it?

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And The Mountains Echoed

Having talked TV, I started wondering “What books have I read recently that made me really think?” and I came up with one by Khaled Hosseini that I got for Christmas. It’s called And The Mountains Echoed (ISBN 978-1-4088-4243-0) and it starts in a way that I can’t quite explain. Continue reading “And The Mountains Echoed”

TV Shows – Student Life

So I’m currently sitting here eating chilli heatwave doritos and watching Orange is the New Black which I’ve only recently started. I’m on episode 8 and really finding it intriguing 🙂 for those of you who aren’t sure what it’s about, to be honest I wasn’t when I started, the story follows the main character (who’s name I still haven’t caught if anyone wants to fill me in?) who’s been put in prison and her life there. Most of the fellow inmates are lesbians or bi which makes it quite funny in parts! In all honesty, it isn’t my all time favourite show that I can’t stand missing but it’s good enough to keep me wanting more. Even my dog watches it with me!

Since it’s summer and my first year of not having a clue about what’ll hit me in September, I’ve decided to try and watch a few new series over the next couple of months. My family and I recently started watching 24 from the start. Now that is a show I hate not getting to watch! It’s exciting, tense and there’s a new twist in every episode. Jack Bower, whilst not being my type, is a fantastic character and Kiefer Sutherland is brilliant at acting him. Personally I don’t like his wife in the series, she seems to be too annoying for me to warm to. Really, if you enjoy thrillers and action packed shows, this is a must see. I didn’t think I would enjoy it, having watched Spooks for years on BBC 1 (now that I certainly couldn’t and can’t live without) I thought 24 would be too American and not my style of viewing. However, they manage to perfectly balance the different parts of the storyline without confusing anyone.

I’m about to go on holiday for a while and dreading not seeing my favourite programmes but the sun and sand of Ibiza is calling to me. Unfortunately so are the galaxy bars in my fridge. Maybe in the future they’ll find a pill that lets us eat whatever we want without getting fat? Fingers crossed!

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