Restless nights and all that come with them

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Another new follower this morning, I must be doing something right! Hello SJsTheName! Welcome to the ramblings that I choose to share with you all.

This morning’s post comes a little later than normal due to a disturbed night’s sleep. As usual, I write my bedtime post and then browse Facebook before going to sleep, normally some time around 11:30pm. Last night all went to plan, I even managed to avoid watching 24 before bed! The strange thing was I kept waking during the night for some unknown reason and being unable to get back to sleep. It was only when I decided to check Facebook at around 6am that I realised I was far too warm. Anyone else have that problem last night? So I thought I’d share some tips for sleeping through the warm nights, through the use of an article on the BBC News website – check it out here!

Whilst it didn’t really suggest much that would help in the middle of the night when you’re trying to keep the noise down, it gave me a few ideas for tonight.

Now seems as good a time as any to share my reading list with you all. Over the next 5 weeks or so I am to read 7 books but I’ll give you the list either tonight or tomorrow.

I’m currently waiting to go for lunch, Granny loved her present – a brown leather recliner. It took an hour to put together but she seems happy with it!

Thanks for reading 🙂 and being patient with today’s post. I’m really grateful for all the views and follows.

Ktkinnes xx

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