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15 Blog Maintenance Tasks On My To Do List

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Hello hello, it’s Wednesday again, and I’m back! This getting back to blogging has been great during the furloughing period – it’s like all my creativity has begun to flow again and I can finally take the time and energy needed to both write and promote my posts! Today I’m back with 15 blog maintenance tasks that are on my to do list for during furlough.

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but my inbox and Twitter feed have been inundated with posts relating to lockdown. And while I know I’ve now mentioned it in every post I’ve written over the last few weeks (how could I not?), I decided I’m not going to follow suit with the “in” topic right now. Quite honestly, I don’t need to read another selfcare post, or banana bread recipe – but you do you!

No, instead I thought – what have I been doing recently that I can share with you all? Well, Blog Maintenance is one thing…

A red HP Laptop on a white covered double bed, with the words
15 Blog Maintenance Tasks

Anyone of you who has me on Twitter and has seen my tweets will be aware I’ve been working through all my blog maintenance things gradually over the last month. While it’s been tedious and monotonous at times, my views are up, my Domain Authority has increased by 4, and my SEO score also went up! If like me you’ve been putting these few blog maintenance tasks off for ages, or if you aren’t quite sure where to begin, here are my top tips on where to start with your blog maintenance.

1. Clear Out or Tidy Up Old Posts

You know those posts from when you first started? The first month maybe back when you didn’t have a clue what you wanted to post but you just wanted to post something? For me, these were the majority of my posts from June and July 2014, and they no longer seemed relevant to my blog. It was hard to do at first, but I found myself deleting these old posts – normally after reading through and having a good laugh at myself – or fixing typos and formatting errors that I never knew existed back as a new blogger.

2. Add Feature Photos and/or Photos In General

Now I’ll admit this is a blog maintenance task I am being very slow at doing, but it’s on the list to do. Especially in longer posts, images help to break up the writing and keep your reader interested. If you can’t or don’t want to take your own photos for these older posts, then search on copyright/royalty free sites for relevant photos. My favourite go-to is Pixabay, but there are several out there such as Pexels, Stocksnap, and Life of Pix. Jordanne has a full list of sites she recommends on her post Free Resources For Bloggers.

I will be honest, I had never heard of broken links and how bad they can be until a few months ago when Twitter suddenly seemed to erupt with the news of them. People were spending days upon days going back and fixing or removing such links. And to be honest I should’ve done it at that stage! Roll on 6 months later and finally I worked my way through the first batch of them as I worked on my blog maintenance. The site I used was Broken Link Check, which checks the first 3000 pages for free. Broken links affect both your Domain Authority and your SEO score, so now that I know it needs done it’s going on my monthly to do list! If you’d like to read more, check out this post by Digital Frogs on Broken Links and your SEO.

You know those old posts we were talking about earlier? Have you mentioned in one of them a film or a book that you later went on to review? Or maybe you’ve done the same with a recipe you wanted to try, and then subsequently posted? Link the two posts! You would be surprised at the number of posts I found I could do this with; for example after watching a film with Nuala back in 2016 Freedom Writers I discovered there was I book related to it that I then went on to read and review – The Freedom Writers Diary. So now if you go to either of these posts, you will find a link to the other one. Internal links are your friend, so remember to use them where you can.

5. Create Pinterest images

Okay so I for one am appalling at Pinterest. But if you are wanting to reach the big leagues of blogging, I understand it is something you should probably get your head around. If this is something that you aren’t sure about, can I suggest you join me in reading Kayleigh Zara’s post all about how she increased her views with Pinterest?

Blog Maintenance Tasks title in centre left written in black, over a white double bed with a red HP Laptop on it.

6. Update Old Posts

This is a little like items 1 and 4, but updating a post is more than just fixing spelling mistakes and adding images or links. It’s checking whether your writing style has changed. Have stats changed? Maybe, like me, you’ve got a post that was correct at the time of writing but now that film/book/beauty product is no longer available or the price has changed. I came across a post of mine where I mentioned a play on in a local theatre, where I had linked to the ticket purchasing page for anyone interested. As the play is no longer running, I just removed it. But if you’ve even just done a “my morning routine” post and it has changed, then get that post updated and share it again on your socials! Let’s get the old posts some new love.

7. Add ALT text to images

ALT text on images is used in the HTML code of your page/site to describe the image to visually impaired readers, or those who find the image isn’t loading for them. It helps with your SEO (think Google Images searches – how many times do you find a website you never knew existed?), and is something I only recently learnt about by reading through a few blog maintenance posts I found when searching on Pinterest. If like me you aren’t quite sure what to do, or how to “get it right” then check out what Moz has to say about it by clicking here. I’m slowly reading through and making notes for myself, so I think this might just take a while to get fixed here on Life With Ktkinnes.

8. Remove “spammy” comments

Again, something I recently discovered! Everyone hates those “Great Post!” comments that people seem to leave, purely so they can leave their link and leave. Or maybe the comment just isn’t relevant to your post but someone has left it as part of a comment thread you’ve been taking part in. It’s infuriating at the best of times, so you can imagine how annoyed I was when I learnt that Google sees anything as 10 words or less in a comment as spammy! Cue me sitting for 2 afternoons working through over 100 pages of comments, deleting ones that were too short or irrelevant. It felt heartbreaking to see the number of comments decrease, but if it helps in the long run then it’s worth it.

9. Update your retweet accounts list

Something I really hate doing at the minute is scheduling tweets, purely because it takes so long for me to do! It doesn’t help that I get distracted by every little thing… but if you’ve seen my promotional tweets, you will be aware I always use the BloggersTribe hashtag (#BloggersTribe) and then two others. Some accounts will retweet if you mention them, others only from their hashtag (like us at BloggersTribe), and some only if you both mention and use the hashtag! So it is really important to keep up to date on where these accounts are retweeting from. Another thing to note is that the people running these accounts are doing this out of the goodness of their own hearts, and often are doing it with their eyes half open either first thing in the morning or just before they collapse into bed after a long day of working on their own stuff too. Because of this, a lot of accounts eventually stop or shut down. I’m trying to go through my list of accounts I tag once every couple of months, just to see if the rules have changed or if they’ve decided to stop running the account. Plus, there are always new accounts popping up! So keep your eyes peeled because I will hopefully have an up to date list for you in a few weeks.

10. Update your bios on social media

This isn’t a huge thing, but something I often forget needs done. Have you your age in your bio, or the city where you’re based? Has this changed? Or maybe you’ve decided to redefine your blogging niche and yet your bio doesn’t reflect this? Get it updated! I think my about me still said I was a 20 year old student blogger living in Glasgow up until December 2019, which was inaccurate in 3 ways – I was 24 at this point, no longer a student, and certainly hadn’t been living in Glasgow since 2017!

Apps on a phone screen, helpful for blog maintenance - 3 rows of three. Top Row Left to Right - Studio, Pixabay, Pinterest. Second Row - Canva, Twitter, Facebook. Bottom Row - Instagram, WordPress, Hootsuite.

11. Join new Facebook groups or leave ones no longer working

Back when I started taking my blog more seriously in 2016, I met Jordanne who introduced me to the wonders of Facebook groups for blogging. There are ones purely for opportunities, others for promoting your own work, and all sorts of things you could imagine. Now, as you would expect, 4 years have passed and some of these are no longer being updated, while others have changed their rules, and again new ones are popping up all the time. So if you want to access all the blogging opportunities available, or just want to promote your work while getting to know other bloggers, then have a look on Facebook and see which ones no longer update, and which have sprung up since you last started looking!

12. Create a list of future post ideas

One thing I hate is when I’m in the mood to blog, and yet just can’t think of what I want to say. I’ve tried writing my list of post ideas in notebooks, but then I lose the notebook. I’ve saved links to posts of “100 blog post ideas” whether I’ve seen them on Twitter or Pinterest. But what I’ve found works best for me is a draft post here on WordPress of all my ideas. If you find yourself in a similar situation, or often find you get the idea for a new post at a time when you can’t sit and write it, then may I suggest you start your own “future post ideas” list? It’ll save so much time in the long run!Background - A lined notebook left open on a blank page, overlayed with a novel open on a page that you cannot see the writing, and in the foreground is a rose gold pen

13. Add Search/Meta descriptions to your posts

These descriptions are those little things you see when you search online for something. See my example below. I typed into Google “blog post ideas” and the first two links are shown below. Circled (untidily) in red are the search/meta descriptions for these two top searches. Use your keywords in these descriptions, keep it short and to the point, and try to make it draw people in. Useful for increasing both your DA and your SEO.An internet search for

14. Return/Reply to blog comments

Not something that directly helps your blog but is basic good manners! If you’ve taken part in comment threads and someone has commented on your post; take yourself to their blog and return the favour. Or if someone has kindly taken the time to leave you a well thought out comment, or one that asks you something, then it is only right to reply to them. I will admit, I’m slow at replying to comments. But I hate when people link drop in a comment thread and never return any comments. Plus, it encourages people to come back and visit your site again.

15. Get new content scheduled

Last but not least, get those new posts scheduled! There’s nothing worse than putting yourself through all the above maintenance tasks only to not have new content going live to draw in new readers. Plus, didn’t you start your blog so you could share your content?

And that’s it! A longer post than I had anticipated, but I hope these blog maintenance tasks are helpful to you! What blog maintenance tasks are on your list that I’ve forgotten to add?


  • Hanna

    I need to check my broken back links for sure! And I’m almost halfway into updating every single post on my site…. a long process but as you say so worth it!

  • Sophie Harriet

    This is such a helpful post! I have also been using the lockdown to work on admin tasks for my blog. I’ve been going through and updating my old posts – it’s actually quite encouraging to see how much my writing has improved since I first started, without me even realising! I had forgotten about adding ALT text to my old images though, so thank you for that reminder! I also didn’t know that Google sees comments of less than 10 words as spammy, so I will be making sure that all my comments on other people’s blogs, and replies to comments on my own blog are at least 10 words!

  • Rachael Stray

    Definitely put in the work with Pinterest it does eventually pay off. I must look at broken links as I’ll admit I haven’t done this since I first went self hosted! I’m back to work next week so I’ve been working on my blog loads – scheduling in posts for the next two months and making sure old posts have the meta description and key word.

  • Rayo

    Such a helpful post. I remember contemplating on whether to delete my old post or not. I felt so much relief by deleting and updating some post. I should check for broken links too. Everything here is helpful, thank you for sharing

  • mehsi

    Thank you for this helpful post. 🙂 And for reminding me I should check those few broken links I still have left.

  • T. B. C...

    Thank you for this. Its a brilliant post with useful tips. We’ll be referring to this list as we working our way around the blogging world. We are loving it and we can see that it requires a little more effort that we initially thought. Love your tweets and posts. Have a fab evening x

  • ktkinnes

    Aw thank you so much for your kind words! Blogging can be simple, but keeping on top of these things will help in the long run, especially if you’re just starting out. I certainly wish I’d known about them when I started in 2014 so I wouldn’t be so behind on it all now!

  • ktkinnes

    It always feels like the broken links are endless! Thank you for taking the time to comment 💖 I hope your broken links get sorted quicker than mine!

  • ktkinnes

    Oh you’re so lucky to have fewer broken links! I got through over 200 the first time I did it, then found another 200 the next time I ran the checker… good luck for finishing the semester!

  • ktkinnes

    It can be so cathartic to clear out and update the old posts! Hopefully you won’t find too many broken links! xx

  • ktkinnes

    Thanks for the positive feedback Lexie! It’s time consuming, but definitely worth the effort. Pinterest should be worth the effort too, I just haven’t built up to it yet! xx

  • ktkinnes

    Oh wow you’re being super productive! I’m just unsure if Pinterest is worth it for a lot of my posts – I’m not really sure how it could work! But I think I’m going to spend the weekend learning about it all xx

  • ktkinnes

    Glad I could help Sophie! You know what they say: “Every day’s a school day!” I only learnt that about Google a couple of weeks ago, but it didn’t take as long as I expected to sort through them. Best of luck for when you go back to work! xx

  • ktkinnes

    Oh wow, well done you! That takes a lot of dedication. I think by the end of today I’ve made it to about a sixth of my way through my posts… I was most active between 2016 and 2017, so am dreading getting through those years!

  • Riana.AngCanning

    Ah this is so helpful! I need to work on every single one of these. I’m not making the time these days but hope to soon. Thank you for this super helpful list!

  • hellolizziebee

    Oooh this reminds me how much I need to refresh my blog a little bit (which I’ve been trying to do for like… ages!) I love the idea of spring cleaning old blog posts!

  • mehsi

    It does feel like that. That is why I have put off cleaning up as I kept cleaning and they kept popping up. You’re welcome, and thank you. Good luck with cleaning the links as well.

  • Alan

    I found this useful and reminds me of some critical points. I’d been away from blogging for a few years and only came back in January. The Twitter retweet accounts is an interesting one and will give it some attention.

  • Alison

    I’ve been doing some of these throughout lockdown but there are still lots of things I need to do – broken link checks for one. I’ll pin this post so I can keep coming back to it when I schedule future blog admin. Thank you!

  • Elaine Fitzpatrick

    This post is invaluable to me – mine’s been dormant for a year due to family illness and I’m back to it with renewed passion. Your advice is just what I need to do – a great read

  • L - Franglais27

    Thank you for setting out all of these maintenance tips as I’m sure that they will be extremely useful when we all start looking at the maintenance of our sites. I have never managed to get into a routine of remembering to link back to some of my previous posts but your post has now prompted me to do so!

  • SimplysarahjaynelovesSarah Mark

    Such a helpful post I didn’t realise you could check for dead links for free, thank you! I’m getting my head around Pinterest it is starting to drive more traffic…I think! Thank you for such a useful post

  • ktkinnes

    Thank you! I tried to think of all the things I wish I’d been doing from the start, so I hope you find them helpful!

  • ktkinnes

    You are very welcome 😊 I know the free search won’t do your full site at one time, but it is worth it to even get you started! If I’m lucky enough to find one to do the whole site then I’ll update this post with it. Good luck with Pinterest! I’m going to take the weekend to learn about it

  • ktkinnes

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting Alison! It’s amazing how all these little things pile up. If someone could build me a time machine at least I would know to go back to the start of my blog and keep on top of it from the beginning!

  • ktkinnes

    Thanks Alan, and I’m glad it gave you something to think about 💖 Twitter is definitely my favourite platform to promote my posts on, so its one of the few I manage to stay on top of!

  • ktkinnes

    I personally don’t, but that’s because I don’t really understand it. But I know a lot of people get a lot of traffic from Pinterest, so it might be worth looking into! At least, that’s what I plan to do this weekend

  • ktkinnes

    It’s quite nice to have a spring clean of the blog! In fact, I’m tempted to tidy up my entire theme, but that would take a full day to sort I fear. Good luck with your blog admin!

  • ktkinnes

    You’re very welcome 😊 it’s something I’m slowly coming to grips with, I think the only part I’m on top of is the Twitter retweet accounts one!

  • ktkinnes

    Good luck with it! I feel like even another month of a lockdown wouldn’t be enough time for me to get through all I want to, and to keep putting out new content with the proper levels of promotion 🙈

  • sophienaylor1

    I really need to fix all my broken links and fix up my old post’s SEO but it’s such a daunting task! Oh well, we got gal haha x

  • ktkinnes

    Oh I know, the thought of going back through it all now! I just realised this blog is one month off turning 6 years old, and the idea of how many posts that means I’ve still to go through 😱 but we can do this! xx

  • Chloe May Blogs

    Checking broken links is always such a long job but so worth doing!

  • Nicola J Ogston

    I’m in the process of updating some of my older posts. I’m also creating a spreadsheet of all my old posts which is a little time consuming but it will help my remember what posts need updated, pins made etc.

  • Kelly Diane

    Such a helpful post. I’ve set aside May as the month I’m going to up my SEO game & I’m definitely going to use this post as a checklist.

  • Lisa's Notebook

    Wow, that is a fantastically good list, Katie! I do a broken links check once a month and it helps keep on top of things. Internal linking on older posts is on my To Do list, as is optimising older posts for SEO. It’s a trade off between creating fresh content and improving older content though, and at the moment, fresh content is winning! Lisa x

  • clairelomax2018

    Such a great list of jobs. I have been doing some of these but hadn’t even thought of the others. I am already doing a broken link search as we speak!

    Thank you for sharing Love x

  • Dharma Rocks

    This was so helpful! Thank you. I never thought to check for broken links! Bet I have loads

  • ktkinnes

    Oh I know exactly what you mean Lisa, trying to find the balance between maintenance and new content! One thing I’ve found working for me recently is to take 2 days maintenance and 1 day of new content – but that only works because I’m only posting once a week. Hopefully you’ll find something that works for you 😊

  • jewelcat17

    This is super helpful. I’m so new to blogging, so I learned a few things and I’m sure some of it went over my head too but I’m going to bookmark this post for reference.

  • Alliima

    Just what I needed to read and do! I don’t know about anyone else but I love blog maintenance lol. Thank you for this informative post.

  • adamjnew85

    I’ve been spending time doing this, some bits on here I wasn’t aware of, so thanks for the help.

  • Kim

    This is such a helpful post! I’ve been blogging since 2009 and although it’s time consuming, I’ve made a start looking back at old posts. Some have been deleted, some rewritten and some have even inspired new content! So it’s definitely a good idea to check back through your old old content. I’m also looking at SEO and have neglected alt tags and meta descriptions in a lot of my posts – so I’ll need to get on that very soon.

  • Darcie

    I am just starting out, written two posts, and shared some videos and pics. I struggle with finding the time. I will save this for future reference.

  • Charlotte

    This is literally a list of everything I need to do! When lockdown started I decided to start revamping some of the old cringy blog posts but I did 2 and then never did anymore 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m definitely going to bookmark this post so I can keep checking back on it for ideas of what to do next for my blog! Thank you for sharing!

  • James Tasker

    I feel quite proud that I already do most of what’s on this list… currently trying to create new pinterest images and possibly refreshing some post images because I’m generally unhappy with some of them.

    Thanks for the tip about broken links (and the checker) I’ll be doing that asap!

    Hope you’re keeping well.


  • Vox

    We keep a Trello board for our possible new post/podcast/YouTube video ideas. As we run across things in daily life, we add to it and often after being caught up—and pass—those strikes of inspiration, when we have no idea what to do next, we pull up the list and search fir the next idea. Thanks for including how to check broken links! I have been afraid to venture into that dark and mysterious place, but having a place to go to check them makes me ready to tackle this chore. Thanks, again! 🙌🏾

  • Clarissa

    Thanks Katie this is just what I needed. I think I’m doing pretty well on returning comments and I try to never approve the short ones. But I hadn’t heard the 10 word rule that’s good to know! I also have a list of post ideas a mile long. 🤷‍♀️

    But most of the others of these I could really use. I especially need to go back and add pins, internal links and check for broken links.

    Also, I should delete some of my first posts which are now off topic for my blog. I’ve been meaning to do it, but… it is tough! I have just about 60 posts on my blog right now. Do you think that’s enough content to go back and delete those 4-5 now off topic ones? Or should I wait until I have a few more?

    Thanks for the tips, I’ve book marked this!

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