Here Comes The Summer

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Hello! Welcome back to my delightful monthly round up and goal setting for the month ahead! Did you miss me yesterday? I know I certainly missed you! 

I wish I had a good excuse for the lack of blogging yesterday but really I just spent the day in the sun and clean forgot about blogging until I was going to bed well after 11 and by that stage I was shattered so apologies for that!

May was a mixed month, very quiet at the start and busy towards the end. But then, what can you expect during exam season? At the start, May was filled with me binge watching The West Wing while trying to revise for my exams which didn’t go the best to be honest but we’ll brush over that. In the middle of it, Kelsey arrived over and so we had a hectic week of doing things and very little revision. Check out what we got up to here! After she left, I spent a week lounging around the flat, cooking, cleaning and watching lots of tv. However, in the middle of all this, I tried my first ever collab with Rach over at The Life of a Onesie Wearer in which we gave advice and tips to first time uni goers and those of us mid degree! Have a look through our blogs for University Challenge. Of course, after all this came the best experience EVER – Disneyland Paris! Check out my posts on our four day adventures in the land of cheese, bread and wine for a full summary of Disney. After we returned to Glasgow, it was a quick turn around to come back home to Lisburn. 

As for my goals, I read another book! My review for Carol can be found in my book reviews. My revision went okay I think, only time will tell… And I certainly made the most of my remaining time in Glasgow!

This month, with being at home, my aims are going to be slightly different. So here goes:

  • Read another book! I’m thinking of reading Room, what do you think?
  • Cut out bread in the mornings. I can actually lose a lot of weight by simply stopping eating bread!
  • Try and catch up on sleep. I’m so excited for early nights and long lie ins.

But for now I’d better run, I’ve a Tesco shop to do for mum and then an eye appointment at lunchtime. Have a great day!
Ktkinnes xx

2 thoughts on “Here Comes The Summer

  1. ktkinnes

    I always have annual goals but the monthly ones are easier to keep track of! Also means I can make allowances depending on what’s happening that month. Good luck with your goals by the way! 🙂 xx

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