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Happy Birthday To Me

Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me, happy birthday happy birthday… happy birthday to me! Continue reading “Happy Birthday To Me”

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Christopher Robin

Happy Friday everyone! How is it with you today? It’s glorious sunshine here today, and it’s not even all that late on the day. I’ll be honest, I’m still lying in bed waiting to get up and start the day, but it was a late journey in last night. But in case you’d forgotten, last week we went to see Christopher Robin. So this morning, while I have breakfast by the pool, come have a read of my thoughts on Christopher Robin. Continue reading “Christopher Robin”

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Packing For a Holiday

Good morning everyone! It’s Wednesday! Now, I could be sad about getting up for another day in work today, but tomorrow I’m fling off on holiday for a week. And not just any week… my birthday falls in the middle of it! Isn’t that exciting? So today’s post is all about me packing for a holiday, and what I would take. Continue reading “Packing For a Holiday”

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Monday Morning

Hello hello hello! Happy happy Monday everyone! How are we all today? I’m in such a good mood! It’s Monday morning, and I’m ready to take on the world. Continue reading “Monday Morning”

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Happy Sunday everyone! Anyone else cosied up in bed ready for a relaxed, somewhat lazy day? Or are you going to make your Sunday productive? To be honest, I’ll probably do a little bit of both here! But before we get into that, I just wanted to let you all know that I’m taking part in Sweatember. Continue reading “Sweatember”

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September 2018

Wow when did September sneak up on us? Well, whatever happened, we are here in the 9th month of 2018, and I am so ready for everything September is going to bring us! Continue reading “September 2018”

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Back To School Tag

I miss school. I miss the routine, the shorter days. And I especially miss having a uniform – no thinking about what to wear! But as all the kids start back to school this week, and students start thinking about uni, I’m sharing the back to school tag. A little light hearted post for a Friday morning! Especially after the mini rant on Wednesday… Continue reading “Back To School Tag”

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We Deserve Better

We deserve better. This phrase has become the most talked about phrase in our office the past week or so. And why? Because after 590 days of political stalemate in Northern Ireland, we, the citizens, have had enough. We deserve better. Continue reading “We Deserve Better”

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Today’s To Do List

Remember me folks? Okay I know I said August was going to be my month, but believe me when I say September¬† is shaping up to be the month of the year. In preparation for September, today I’m sharing my to-do list for the day. Continue reading “Today’s To Do List”

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In Their Corner

Hi hi hi! It’s Monday, I’m shattered, I’m almost half way through season 5 of Game of Thrones, oh and I’m running late for work as always. How’re you all today? You may have guessed I’m actually in a great mood despite the lack of sleep. Partially due to my Game of Thrones addiction actually, but moving swiftly on. Continue reading “In Their Corner”