Catch-up With Katie

Eugh that was a long week. Monday felt like Thursday, and every day since then has felt like a Thursday! But it's Sunday, the week is almost over, and I am finally sitting down to write a post! How are you all? Feels like all I've had recently has been reviews, so it's great to… Continue reading Catch-up With Katie



A must see TV show that you need to go watch now!


Brown’s Hair Salon Part 1

Well I really don't know where to begin with this post other than to say I am currently so jealous of anyone who lives in or near Dumfries because right now I would seriously consider making the 4 hour round trip just to get my hair done here again. So just over a week ago, the lovely… Continue reading Brown’s Hair Salon Part 1


Spinach and Bean Burrito

Okay so I wasn't really holding out much hope for this recipe when I started to cook it, but then I put it all together and oh. my. god.  It was so so tasty! And when I finished it, I just had to come here and share the recipe with you.

Book reviews

The Gift of Christmas*

Right some of you may remember back when I finally got my Rombouts Coffee* post to go live that I mentioned I had a book review due to go live but was having difficulty posting. Now here we are almost a week later and I can now finally say that this review is here and it is live!… Continue reading The Gift of Christmas*


Travel the world for free!

I wish! But I was lying in bed the other night and realised, there is a way you can travel around the world, through time and space, without ever actually leaving the comfort of your living room or bed!


My Morning Routine

I'm absolutely shattered between work, blogging, and everything else, and mornings just aren't the same when your alarm clock is going off at 6am. But today's post is all about what I do before I start my day!


Rombouts Coffee*

Okay so firstly I want to apologise to everyone who’s been waiting for this to go live. I’ve been having some difficulties with WordPress where some posts are going live, others aren’t, and some claim to have gone live while actually they’re still sitting in the drafts tab. But here we are! A few days… Continue reading Rombouts Coffee*


Smashburger Glasgow*

After a meal in Smashburger Glasgow, I simply had to come on here and tell you why you need to find your nearest Smashburger as soon as possible.

Book reviews

Home Wrecker by Jennifer Juan*

Okay so I promise the book reviews will come to an end soon, but today I wanted to share Jennifer Juan's latest book - Home Wrecker.  Jennifer advertised recently that she was looking for bloggers to read and honestly review her third collection of poetry, so of course I jumped at the opportunity to read… Continue reading Home Wrecker by Jennifer Juan*