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    Cooking 101: Back to Basics

    woman in the kitchen cooking

    So you’re learning to cook. Or at least trying to. And everything can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re cooking for someone other than just yourself. Whether you’re starting to learn to cook from scratch, moving out for the first time, or just stuck in a bit of a rut with your cooking skills, this back to basics cooking post is a must read.

  • a woman packing her suitcase
    Packing,  Travel

    My Must-Pack Items For Your City Break 2022

    Heading off on a city break can be super exciting. And depending on the duration of your trip, there’s often multiple things to consider packing. Packing lists help me get ready for any holiday away, and a city break is…

  • group of people walking on street with flag

    LGBTQ+ Pride Month 2022

    Welcome my friend to Pride month. And I feel like I can actually freely say that this year. Funny that. Something I’ve known about myself for 8 years and have mentioned every now and again on here… but it’s LGBTQ+…

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    Diary Posts

    June 2022

    Hi there! Did you miss me? I cannot actually believe we’re into June 2022 already. Nor can I believe that I completely disappeared off the face of the earth for 3 months. But I’m back this morning, and thought it…